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Invitation to Contribute a Chapter

I have been invited by Pan Stanford Publishing to edit a book volume entitled Hybrid Nanocomposite: Fundamental, Synthesis and Applications be published in hardcover and we would be honored if you could contribute a chapter on Novel Applications of Nanocomposite Technology by 30th November, 2017

The book aims to this book will provide an overview of some key current developments in Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies, and highlight some possible future applications in Materials Science. The book is informed by evidence from scientists and engineers in academia and industry. It illustrates the wide-ranging interest in these areas and provides a background to the later chapters, which address novel synthesis of nanomaterials and their hybrid composites, graphene/polymer dispersed liquid crystal composite applications, nano-bio composites, transition metal oxide nanocomposites, spectroscopy and electron microscopic study, flexible and transparent electrodes, smart display technology, novel switchable devices, optoelectronics, health, environmental, cancer biology, social, ethical and regulatory implications various aspects of nanotechnologies, as well as a significant foreseeable applications of some key hybrid nanomaterials. Overall market share, given appropriate regulation and research along the topics just indicated will be commercial production of manufactured novel composite materials. It is also humbling to realize that many brilliant discoveries may be focused in book will able to explore nanoscale device performances with technical excellence in multidisciplinary research of high competence and a great enthusiasm for science.

                                                            Key features of book:

1) The book might carry out a forward look to see how the technology might be used in the future, where possible estimating the likely time-scales in which the most far-reaching applications of the technology might become reality.

2) Current research trends and potential in future advances such as: nanomaterials, nanometrology, electronics, optoelectronics, and Nano-biotechnology. We also look at the benefits they are currently providing in the short, medium and longer term.

3) Understanding surfaces and interfaces is a key challenge for those working on hybrid nanomaterials, and one where new imaging and analysis spectroscopy/electron microscopy responses are vital.

4)  We look at current and possible future industrial applications of nanotechnology, and examine some of the barriers to its take-up by industry.

5) The variability and site recognition of biopolymers, such as DNA molecules, offer a wide range of opportunities for the self-organization of wire nanostructures into much more complex patterns. While the combination of one-dimensional nanostructures consisting of biopolymers and inorganic compounds opens up a number of scientific and technological opportunities.

6) Will identify what environmental, health and safety, ethical or societal implications or uncertainties may arise from the use of the technology, both current and future.

     Depending on the scope that you wish to present, the chapter could be around 30-40 pages. If any, please include illustrations, tables and figures, and identify those that you would prefer to publish in color. You can find the manuscript templates, guidelines and style files available from the publisher at Link: http://www.panstanford.com/pages/Manuscript-Guidelines.html under the trim size of 9 by 6 inches.

                                                         The agenda is as follow:

- 30 November 2017: Deadline for authors
- 15 January 2018: Deadline for scientific editor
- 15 February 2018: Deadline for author revisions
- 25 March 2018: Sending to commercial editor
- 30 April 2018: Publication

        There won’t be any financial obligations incurred to you and in appreciation for your efforts, a complimentary copy will be given by the publisher to the first-named chapter author. Please let me know if you wish to accept this invitation and I would be grateful if you could send the chapter positively by November 30th, 2017.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to your reply soon.



(Editor-in-Chief),M.Sc.; PhD; Marie-Curie & CAS Fellow

E-mail: kaushikphysics@gmail.com

About Pan Stanford Publishing

Pan Stanford Publishing is an independent international publisher of science, technology and medicine. The company was founded by a group of publishing professionals who are dedicated to publish the best in various topical areas for the scholarly and professional communities worldwide. For more information, please visit our website at link: http://www.panstanford.com/pages/Company-Profile and our recent authors’ testimonials can be viewed at link: http://www.panstanford.com/pages/Author-Testimonials.html.

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