You are invited to participate in the International Online Conference on Functional NanomaterialsIt will take place on 15 - 16 July 2020 at 12:00 AM Central European Time (CET).
The online conference will consist of two symposia, followed by an extended discussion of Posters.  The conference will be led by world-leading invited speakers covering a broad range of the latest scientific advances. In Poster Session, attendees and authors can share their ideas and get feedback from their colleagues worldwide through a chatroom. All participants can join and present here their work. Due to the short format of the meeting (with a few oral contributions), we encourage senior researchers to present Poster, and of course, we expect enthusiastic participation of junior researchers.


1. Symposium on Solar cells
Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells;
     - Polymer Solar Cells;
     - Quantum Dot Solar Cells;
     - Dye Sensitized Solar Cells;
     - PV Systems and Storage - Modelling, Design, Operation 
       and Performance;

2. Symposium on Photo/Catalysis
Photocatalyst Modification (e.g. by noble metal, C nanotubes, graphene, molecular clusters, novel materials etc..) and doping;
     - New reactions, Characterizations of Catalysts;
Photocatalysis and Photoreactors;
     - Synthesis and Characterization of Catalyst Materials;

     - Spectroscopy in Catalysis;
     - Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis;
     - Catalysis and Applications; 
     - Solar Fuels;

     - Transformation of Organic Molecules;
     - Synthesis of Hydrogen;


Structure of the Online Conference:

International Online Conference on Functional Nanomaterials is an online conference format organized to promote exchange and discussion around a specific scientific topic.

  • Short oral talks by Invited Speakers.
  • Poster Parade, where participants in the Poster session are asked to prepare a short PPT presentation of three slides.
  • Interactive Poster Session, where attendees and authors can share their ideas and get feedback from their colleagues worldwide.


Contact Us:

e-mail: polina@europenanoscience.org

website: https://www.materials-conference.com/



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