1. How to plot Arrot plot from magnetic data(M-H loop) via origin software https://youtu.be/7_VQ2AMnwkI 2. How to get full information of XRD pattern like: lattice const. d-spacing, SG using Match! 3 soft.https://youtu.be/Bbg9V2MLrf4 3. How to estimate the theoretical lattice constant or parameter with the help of average Bond lengthhttps://youtu.be/DFPv4P7uvCE 4. How to calculate the average bond length RA and RB from XRD data by employing Rietveld Refinement.https://youtu.be/iXr19q21niQ 5. How to estimate the average force constant (K) from FTIR data using origin software.https://youtu.be/5v9Hxku2L94 6. How to do Rietveld Refinement using Match! 3 software (Subtract Background, Smoothing, Miller I)https://youtu.be/C7nxWf3HDFA 7. How to plot and estimate blocking temperature from ZFC-FC curve of magnetic data using origin soft.https://youtu.be/OZBducZMKGY 8. How to merge XRD pattern in one plot , if you have a no. of 6 XRD data using origin softwarehttps://youtu.be/r7Rxrey5pec 9. How to Search & Match and Find out Miller Indices & d-spacing from XRD data using Match! ! 3 Soft.https://youtu.be/wmzwKZqy8S0 10. How to convert RAS file into XRDML file for the Xpert High Score ( XRDML) and Match (ASC) soft.https://youtu.be/AE-GvpxrwOI 11. How to make a CELL file for use of the Powder Cell with the help of Rietveld Refinement (FullProf )https://youtu.be/KsmIUQZEnzw 12. How to estimate the tolerance factor (T) with the help of Rietveld Refinement dat via FullProf soft.https://youtu.be/6Bx_c2QH7rI 13. How to Indexing XRD peaks with Miller Indices(hkl) with the help of Rietveld Refinement (FullProf)https://youtu.be/nxL-36GA70o 14. How to estimate Crystallite size, X-Ray density, Specific surface area and Dislocation density.https://youtu.be/NeT5uL4qORA 15. How to formulate a complete ||Research Paper|| for the ||Journal Publication||https://youtu.be/_w-Dy9Ub3Cc 16. Some importance sites, where ! You can download Articles, Papers, Project & Books || 100% Freelyhttps://youtu.be/MCS2pUz7PzU 17. How to calculate Crystallite size (t) from XRD pattern with WHM plot using Rietveld Refinement data.https://youtu.be/1ntkqmKZyxo 18. How to fit Gaussian function into a Intense peak (311) of XRD pattern via origin soft.https://youtu.be/JbTStgkP58E19. How to fit Non-linear Modified Debye Equation in the Dielectric constant data via origin soft.https://youtu.be/G4Ej-JZg-no 20. How to estimate particle or grain size from FESEM micrograph image using ImageJ softwarehttps://youtu.be/D4XcFWM9Vuk 21. How to estimate the Energy Band Gap from UV-vis Spectroscopy data using origin soft.https://youtu.be/UY0DEwuUp5A 22. How to make a CIF file (Crystallography Information file) via FullProf Soft. for VESTA soft. usehttps://youtu.be/kq-niT1Mv14 23. How to estimate the activation energy from TGA data using origin soft.https://youtu.be/5jO0H2dmrTI 24. How to use Mendelely software for the Referencinghttps://youtu.be/ja8y8SuuV5k 25. How to plot Rietveld Refinement data in origin software.https://youtu.be/TAcUShOdTlw 26. Estimation of Crystallite size, x-ray density & dislocation density from XRD data using origin soft.https://youtu.be/KRn57rzJtsI 27. How to merge FTIR plot in one plot if you have no. of FTIR dat via origin softwarehttps://youtu.be/HNMmgPg1j4E 28. How to Draw or fit Nyquist or Cole_Cole plot with circuit using Zsimp-win soft.https://youtu.be/hTvhVk_MmKk 29. How to download and Install Gatan Digital Micrograph soft. 100% freely. https://youtu.be/XJm3hk7Mx4U 30. How to fit Raman data using Gaussian and Lorentizian function via origin softwarehttps://youtu.be/Br5zIbNtym4 31. How to plot Magnetic Hyperthermia data using origin soft.https://youtu.be/CVGR-QUqkgE 32. Background Correction via Fullprof. Soft. and Xpert High Score soft.https://youtu.be/3V-FAyxXNbE 33. Background correction of XRD pattern using Xpert High Scorehttps://youtu.be/5Ts6SBseczE34. How to extract data from any kind of plot, which have X & Y values via origin softw.https://youtu.be/GpbKPjnelx4 35. How to estimate FWHM from XRD data quickly using origin soft.https://youtu.be/nCCIL-NrSWQ 36. Standard designing format of M-H loop ( Moment v/s field) and details nature of M-H plot via O.S.https://youtu.be/snY_A_66gdM 37. Standard Designing of XRD Pattern with the help of origin soft.https://youtu.be/6zYksaqeDC0 38. How to plot Dielectric Constant, Real & Imaginary part of Impedance (Z' &Z") and Cole - Cole Plot.https://youtu.be/BBDX3B67S_0
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