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Open access peer-reviewed

1. Advances in Scanning Thermal Microscopy Measurements for Thin Films
By Liliana Vera-Londono, Olga Caballero-Calero, Jaime Andrés Pérez-Taborda and Marisol Martín-González

2. Infrared High-Index Coating Materials, PbTe and Pb1−xGexTe: Properties and Applications
By Bin Li, Ping Xie, Suying Zhang and Dingquan Liu

3. Electrochemical Evaluation Technologies of Organic Coatings
By Fandi Meng and Li Liu

4. Surface Modification of Polystyrene by Nitrogen Plasma Treatment
By Masruroh and Dionysius J.D.H. Santjojo

5. Crack Resistance of Paint Coatings, Cement Concretes
By Valentina Loganina

6. Epitaxial Nitride Thin Film and Heterostructures: From Hard Coating to Solid State Energy Conversion
By Shashidhara Acharya and Bivas Saha

7. CdTe Thin Films: Deposition Techniques and Applications
By Antonio Arce-Plaza, Fernando Sánchez-Rodriguez, Maykel Courel-Piedrahita, Osvaldo Vigil Galán, Viviana Hernandez-Calderon, Sergio Ramirez-Velasco and Mauricio Ortega López

8. Impact of the Glancing Angle Deposition on the Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Growth and Their Thermal Barrier Coating Properties
By Cesar Amaya, John Jairo Prıas-Barragan, Julio Cesar Caicedo, Jose Martin Yañez-Limon and Gustavo Zambrano

9. Ti-Al-N-Based Hard Coatings: Thermodynamical Background, CVD Deposition, and Properties. A Review
By Florent Uny, Elisabeth Blanquet, Frédéric Schuster and Frédéric Sanchette

10. New Materials for Thin Film Solar Cells
By Senthil T.S and Kalaiselvi C.R

11. Organometal Halide Perovskites Thin Film and Their Impact on the Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells
By Ahmed Mourtada Elseman

12.Textured BST Thin Film on Silicon Substrate: Preparation and Its Applications for High Frequency Tunable Devices
By Congchun Zhang, Jianze Huang, Chunsheng Yang and Guifu Ding

13. Spin-Coating Technique for Fabricating Nickel Zinc Nanoferrite (Ni0.3Zn0.7Fe2O4) Thin Films
By Yusnita Yusuf, Raba’ah Syahidah Azis and Muhammad Syazwan Mustaffa





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