Bioinspired and Bio Functionalized Nanoparticle in Biomedical application

Guest Editor(s): Arun G. Ingale
Tentative Publish Date: November, 2014


Tentative Outline
Special Issue for Recent Patents on Nanomedicine Bioinspired and Biofunctionalised Nanoparticle in Biomedical application

Guest Editor: Prof. Arun G. Ingale

Aims & Scope:
The area of nanobiotechnology has matured over the past decade and is still growing rapidly. Many concepts developed for molecular medicine and drug discovery have been successfully translated to therapeutic designing and development. Molecular imaging enables the study of processes at a molecular level in their full biological context.
Due to the high specificity of the molecular readouts the approach bears a high potential for diagnostics. It is fair to say that nanobiotechnology has become an indispensable tool for biomedical research and drug discovery and development today. This journal provides a detailed review of the modern theories dealing with the structure and properties of nanoparticles. It also presents an analysis of the research on the effect of activated nanoparticles on biological systems such as animals, microorganisms, and plants. This special issue provides a detailed review focuses on various methods of functionalization of metal nanoparticles and their applications in biomedical research.

Novel biomedical applications have been included, where appropriate. All the papers have been thoroughly worked and the artwork updated. Functionalization facilitates targeted delivery of these nanoparticles to various cell types,bioimaging, gene delivery, drug delivery and other therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The journal is aimed to enrich the understanding of researchers who are working in the related fields and help them quickly obtain an overview of the most recently issued patents. The information provided in this issue is supported by intensive experimental data and developed theories. This journal is an amalgamation of recent advances in the field of functionalization of nanoparticles and their potential applications in the field of medicine and biology.

Key words: Biofunctionalisation, Nanoparticles, drug discovery, Therapeutic application
1. Functionalization of metal nanoparticles using Biomolecules
2. Role of Nanoparticles in drug discovery
3. Plants /Fungi / Microbe for nanoparticle biosynthesis
4. Novel nanotechnology approaches
Manuscript submission deadline: June 2014
Peer Review Due: August 2014
Revision Due: December 2014
Notification of acceptance by the Guest Editor: December 2014
Final manuscripts due: November 2014

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