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End of the nomination: 29th of February 2012

Voting period for The International NanoScience Community members: from 5th to 15th of March 2012

Results published: 18th March 2012

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  • Hi all


    we nominate for category 4  www.nanosys.ch

    This domain may be for sale!
  • Nomination for Best Company website category - Nanopaprika award 2012 -

    Best web pages www.ozosciences.com - IMAGINE SPENDING A DAY WITH NO WATER

    Water is of prime importance oven everything for survival..infrastructure could be created... power generated but water can only be recycled and reused... Nano technology application - Technically self explanatory website with animation of process in plant concept page for all from 6 - 60 + to understand the mechanism be it common man, academics, students, experts....

  • Best Company Webpage - www.nualgi.com/new

    Nualgi is a Nano Silica based micro nutrient that causes Diatom Algae in any waterbody to bloom.

    Diatoms have a Silica shell and hence they consume Nualgi since it is made of Nano Silica.

    Diatoms are responsible for about 25 % of all photosynthesis on Earth and they are the best food for fish in lakes and oceans.

    Diatoms consume CO2 and release O2, the oxygen dissolved in water and increases the Dissolved Oxygen level of water. Increasing DO is the first step in cleaning up polluted water.

  • Nanotechnology-blogs

    such as Russian scientists to cover viruses in gold,Russian researchers to study the silicon particles effect on cells, Nanoparticles disrupt the digestive system etc create more interest on nano research among young scientists 

  • I recommend NANONET Foundation: www.nanonet.pl www.nanobroker.org, www.nanogallery.eu www.nanodialog.eu

    The NANONET Foundation was created to promote nanotechnology and nanoscience as well as bring together scientists, academics and industry.

    Our team consists of people for whom nanotechnology is passion. They are undergraduate students, PhD students, young scientists or others who volunteer to promote science and help build a society based on knowledge.

    Nanonet started as a Polish-language portal dedicated to nanotechnology — nanonet.pl (2006) — and is currently the leading Polish-language Internet site in this field. It is a young, rapidly growing, scientific, technical and industrial non-profit portal whose aim is to promote and support nanotechnology ventures at home and abroad.

    From the beginning our purpose has been to improve standards of living by promoting science and its impact on improvement of society and entrepreneurship by means of:

    ·Informing readers about nanotechnology events at home and abroad

    ·Creating a materials research site

    ·Uploading photos and images related to nanotechnology

    ·Creating a database including information about courses and studies

    ·Informing the public about benefits and risks of nanotechnology

    ·Posting employment offers and PhD  course information

    ·Sponsoring scientific conferences, fairs and other events

    The www.nanonet.plportal consists of the following sections:

    The Information Section includes advertisements or practical information about nanotechnology in Poland and abroad – jobs, internships, practice and PhD courses.

    The nanoEducation Section presents Polish universities with nanotechnology studies. It also involves information about nanotechnology courses, workshops, Internet lectures and experiments.

    The nanoLibrary Section consists of nanotechnology articles, essays and news.

    The nanoMaterials and nanoTechnology Section provides up-to-date information on nanoscale processes, materials, diagnostic devices and other information about applications of nanotechnology in medicine, optics, electronics and other sciences.

    The nanoBusiness Section contains information about projects, patents, inventions or products created through nanotechnology, as well as on legal and ethical issues.

    Our Foundation also proudly presents its other portals:

    The Virtual Cooperative Broker’s Board nanoBroker (www.nanobroker.org), a platform dedicated to exchanging information between science and business. The platform operates in English, German and Polish, with the partners from home and abroad.  These include Nanoinitiative Bayern, Nano-Cluster Bodensee, WCB EIT +, Cluster Chemii, and ADSOL coordinated by Jacek Doskocz. The aim of the Virtual Cooperative Broker’s Board nanoBroker is to create a multilevel platform to exchange information between research institutions, industry and organizations. It provides information such as descriptions of institutions, research groups, organizations, projects, patents and events.

    Nanotechnology in multimedia – nanoGallery (www.nanogallery.eu) – is an English language server on nanotechnology, managed by Anna Mączka. It contains videos, papers and photos showing the world of nanotechnology impossible to see with the naked eye. The main purpose of this portal is to attract public attention to nanotechnology and to show its possible applications in various aspects of our lives. Everyone will find something interesting here, whether an expert or a novice. 

    The nanoDialog Portal (www.nanodialog.eu) contains information about ethical, legal and social aspects of nan

  • BEST website: www.nano.gov

    Recently revamped site serves various publics, from school children to academics to industry to regional initiative programs. This site also has a new function as a news aggregator, and serves as a database for the colleges, universities, and training programs that now offer nanotechnology degrees.

  • For Category Nanotechnology-blogs: NanoLei.blogspot.com

    * The blog NanoLei came up with the intention to join the discussion between the Law and the need for regulatory frameworks for Nanotechnology in Brazil. Today brings materials from varioussources and highlight important passages and make someanalysis comparing to what happens in Brazil.

    * O blog NanoLei surgiu com a intenção de unir a discussão entre o Direito e a necessidade de marcos regulatórios para a Nanotecnologia no Brasil. Atualmente traz matérias de diversas fontes e destaca trechos importantes e faz algumas análises comparando ao que ocorre no Brasil.

    * Il NanoLei blog si avvicinò con l'intenzione di unire la discussione tra il Diritto e la necessità di quadri normativi per la Nanotecnologia in Brasile. Oggi porta i materiali provenienti da fonti diverse ed evidenziare passaggi importanti e fare alcune analisi a confronto con che succede in Brasile. 

    NANOLEI - Law and Nano
    Nanotecnologia e Leis; Nanotechnology and Law; Nanotechnologien und Gesetze; Nanotecnologías y Leyes;нанотехнологии и законы;
    My suggestions for the "NANOPAPRIKA AWARD 2012":

    Category 2 / Nanotechnology blogs:
    => http://nanoparticles-blog.com/

    Category 5 / Nano Twitter page:
    => http://twitter.com/freecolloids/

    ... both dedicated to applications of "new nanoparticles",
    with a focus on metallic nanoparticles.

    These pages collect and present news around the topic
    and sometimes explain specific topics in exclusive articles.


    nanoparticles-blog.com – Just another WordPress site
  • Nomination for best portal www.nakaanetwork.webs.com

    as Nakaa Nanotechnology Network NNN is a pioneer in spreading the Nanotechnology culture in Arab region and Developing countries mainly.

    It is the first of its kind in the Arab region and the unique of its kind in Egypt

    Please visit our website to know more and enjoy your free membership and if you find us deserve a gift, vote here for us

  • Nomination for the best Nanotechnology Portal: http://www.nanowerk.com

    Nanowerk is the premier and most popular source for nanotechnology information. Apart from its unique Nanomaterial Database™, one of the most extensive industry directory, a good conference calendar, fairly complete nanotechnology news coverage, and business resources, it offer Nanowerk Spotlight. Some stories are more like an introduction to nanotechnology, some are about understanding current developments, and some are advanced reviews of leading edge research.

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