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By Lance WinslowOften free market capitalists like myself just cringe when government tells us how they are going to save industry and save America by making more rules and regulations to save us from ourselves. To me, well that's just nonsense really. The new administration, along with congress are calling for higher "mile per gallon" rules by 2020, but isn't this just a grandstanding game?How does that really help anyone? You see, people will buy more efficient cars to save money when it makes sense. Thus, the free-market system will provide customers what they desire based on that free-market principle. Besides new materials for automobiles are in the innovation pipeline and will be online in the future years by 2020 anyway, so why make rules?It is our contention that with carbon-nano tubes, graphene, and buckypaper composites, that cars will weigh in at under 800 pounds and thus, automatically get 50 mpg, without doing anything else. Including SUVs and light trucks. So, I really do not even know why government is worrying about it. Just speed up the nanotech sector and figure out the safety issues in manufacturing things with tiny specs of dust size airborne particles while doing it.The safety increases will save 10s of thousands of lives per year too. We are talking more fuel efficient aircraft, cars, trucks, ships, space craft, you name it. I get tired of listening to podium pushers that cannot see the forest for the trees and just keep making rules, regulations and laws, rather than solving the total problem, without doing stupid things leading to the law of unintended consequences.By Lance Winslow
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