ASME Micro/Nano Systems Photo Contest

DNA double helix. Photo Credit: Oliver Burston. Courtesy of: Wellcome Trust Images Collection. Creative Commons Licence 2.0, UK & Wales.Rules, Scope, Scoring, Sponsors: be exhibited at:ASME 2009 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (IDETC) & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (CIE):

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  • Greetings, Jayadev.

    Here are some sources of image banks, photo galleries, etc. Some images are released under varying versions of regional Creative Commons International Licence; with others, the photographer retains copyright, yet under other arrangements, the photographer has released copyright to the institution or publisher. I publish also (in addition to the nanogaming/nanoart blog hosted here on TINC) a medical library blog and an art blog. Its been my experience that sometimes waiting for copyright clearance will slow down production; but I advise that in all cases, follow meticulously and line-by-line, the directives
    given. Not only does professional courtesy require it, but Intellectual Property Law demands it. Sometimes, I'll draft or publish sans photo and insert later, which is quite doable in a digital environment, but not print. Often, I'll wait until clearance to post and feature something else other than the intended, or purchase limited licence rights to stock photography to accelerate the process. It has also been the case that I've be granted approvals and am sent jpg files which I do not use immediately; my archives are plentiful. But, I'm always governed by Terms of Use Agreement under private, non-commercial, international as well as regional conditions. Your situation is slightly different in that (I presume) your magazine is for sell. All that being said, the following will provide what you need:

    Agentur Focus
    Custom Medical Stock Photo
    Dennis Kunkel Microscopy
    Getty Images
    Indexed Visuals
    Kinsman Physics Productions
    Photo Researchers
    Russell Kightley Media
    SciencePhoto Corea
    SciencePhoto Italy
    SciencePhoto Japan
    SciencePhoto Spain
    Shutter Stock Images
    Stock Photo
    Wellcome Trust Image Collections
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