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Agilent - New Scientific AFM e-Seminars in March


Spend March Online: New Atomic Force Microscopy Seminars!


Agilent Technologies invites you to attend our brand new scientific e-Seminars in March. These exclusive one-hour live events provide a great opportunity to learn about some of the latest atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques and applications. There will also be Q&A sessions in which all online attendees can query the presenters directly.


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"Innovative Measurements of Polymers"


Date:               March 2 @ 11:00 a.m. (ET)



Topic 1:           Measuring Shear Modulus of Gelatin by Instrumented Indentation

Jennifer Hay (Agilent Technologies)


Instrumented indentation is a useful tool for measuring the shear modulus of polymers. In this seminar, a new procedure is presented for testing gelatinous materials. Potential problems such as surface detection, material transfer, and constraint effect are addressed. This procedure may help illuminate the relationship between mechanical properties and function in a number of biological applications.


Topic 2:                Compositional Imaging of Polymer Materials with Atomic Force Microscopy


Sergei Magonov, Ph.D. (Agilent Technologies)


The current state of AFM imaging of polymer materials will be reviewed. Emphasis will be on the use of nanomechanical and electric techniques for recognition of individual components in complex multicomponent systems. Novel developments in the imaging of polymers in different environments and the examination of local dielectric properties of organic materials will be presented.


"AFM Troubleshooting Basics"


Date:               March 15 @ 10:00 a.m. (ET)



Topic:              How to Troubleshoot an Atomic Force Microscope


Song Xu, Ph.D. (Agilent Technologies)


Most AFM-related problems do not involve hardware defects and can be diagnosed without an engineering background. We will discuss several topics here, including: tip-related problems, parameter-related problems, sample-mounting-related problems, connection problems, noise-related problems, and drift sources and solutions. Feel free to e-mail us additional AFM troubleshooting topics you would like to see addressed, or your own AFM troubleshooting solutions. 


"New Cantilevers for Basic & Advanced AFM"


Date:                March 30 @ 10:00 a.m. (ET)



Topic 1:            Back to the Basics: How to Choose the Right Cantilever


Song Xu, Ph.D. (Agilent Technologies)


We will discuss one of the key fundamental aspects of obtaining a good-resolution AFM image of a sample, that is, how to choose the right cantilever for your application. There are more than 10 cantilever manufacturing companies around the world, each of which produces cantilevers made of different materials, with different coatings, stiffnesses, resonance frequencies, and qualities. We will discuss how to understand the parameters of a cantilever, which cantilever to choose, how to judge the quality of the tip, and how to take advantage of uniquely designed cantilevers.


Topic 2:            Advanced AFM Probes, Probes for Special Applications & New Tip Developments


Oliver Krause, Ph.D. (NanoWorld Group)


Besides "everyday use" AFM probes, there is a large variety of brand new tips and cantilevers now available for special applications. Many of these advanced AFM probes will be presented in this seminar. An overview of tips and cantilevers for exceptional or novel AFM applications (such as nanoindentation probes, cantilevers for imaging at higher harmonics, and tips for high-speed AFM) will be given.



Join us for one or more of these exciting live events!




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