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I have prepared Copper Nanoparticles in DI Water and want to separate them from solution. Kindly tell me the simple way to separate and dry these particles.


Asim Umer

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    Take the aliquots of your solution in different micro tubes and centrifuge it at 10k -12k rpm for 1 hour at 20 degree C. You pool the final pellet and lyoplize as powder for further use.

    Refere our paper

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    You can liophilize the samples to remove the water and you will get your NPs in powder form

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    go for Centrifugation at high rpm or sonication can also be done.

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    from separation Copper Nanoparticles in DI Water,u can use chemical method name as micro emulsion method.
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    Isn't it possible to centrifuge the solution and separate the nanoparticles??

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    Thank you very much to all

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    Centrifuge and you can easily separate particles. Decant the solution and then dry the particles in a hot air oven.

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    Dear Asim

    For your prepared Cu nanoparticles in DI water, my suggestion is that you first get sure that they are in the mettalic form. As Cu nanoparticles are very much prone to oxidation giving copper oxide.

    Second, you can go for lyophilization, to extract your nanoparticles and then do verify with XRD its nature

    best of luck

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    Hellow sir

    Fine u prepared Cu NP. There is so many types of prepared nanoparticles in simple way. In our best can u try to solution combustion method is a simple and ultra fast method of prepared any nanoparticles.

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