May 14

I am...

Chemist, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Amphiphilic dendrimers for catalytic applications

Interest in...

Dendrimers, Nanoparticle catalyst, energy storage

Publication list

  1. M. Konai, I. Pakrudheen, N. Sharma, K. Tabbasum, P. Garg and J. Haldar, Cyclam-based Antibacterial Molecule Eradicates Gram-negative Superbugs with Potent Efficacy against Human Corneal Infection, Chemical Communications, 56 (2020) 2147-2150. (IF:6.222)
  2. Pakrudheen, A. Najitha Banu, E. Murugan, Cationic amphiphilic dendrimers with tunable hydrophobicity shows in vitro activity, Environmental Chemistry Letters, 16 (4) (2018) 1513-1519. (IF:9.027)
  3. Murugan, I. Pakrudheen, Efficient amphiphilic poly(propylene imine) dendrimer encapsulated ruthenium nanoparticles for sensing and catalysis applications, Science of Advanced Materials, 7 (2015) 891-901. (IF:1.474)
  4. Murugan, I. Pakrudheen, New amphiphilic poly(quaternary ammonium) dendrimer catalyst for effective reduction of Citronellal, Applied Catalysis A: General, 439-440 (2012) 142-148. (IF:5.706)
  5. Murugan, R. Rangasamy, I. Pakrudheen, Efficient amphiphilic poly(propylene imine) dendrimer stabilized gold nanoparticle catalysts for aqueous phase reduction of nitrobenzene, Science of Advanced Materials, 4 (2012) 1103 -1110. (IF:1.474)
  6. Murugan, I. Pakrudheen, G. Gomathi, Amphiphilic dendrimer stabilized Ag, Pd  and Pt homogeneous nanoparticle catalysts and their catalysis for the reduction of methyl orange, IEEE Xplore Proc., (2011) 35-39.

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CMR Institute of Technology

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