Chennai, Tamilnadu

I am...

Biologist, Project coordinator

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Applicaiton of Nanotechnology in Aquaculture - for novel functionlized feed and for targeted drug dilvery in aquatic organisms.

Applicaiton of Nanotechnology in Biofouling Control - for nano based antifouling coatings or surfaces, which prevent the adhesion of marine bacteria, diatom, larval and adult macrofoulers on the manmade surfaces.

Applicaiton of Nanotechnology in Seafood industries - for nano based intelligent food wraps or biopolymer packaging materials

Application of Nanotechnoogy in Marine Biotechnology

Interest in...

Marine Biology and Ecology; Fisheries and Aquaculture; Marine Biofouling; Nanobiotechnology; Marine Omics; Coastal Conservation and Sustainable Development; Marine Environmental Education and Awareness.

Publication list

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  1. Title: KAPPAPHYCUS ALVAREZII SAP EXTRACTOR, Grant No. & Date of grant: 353906 & 17/12/2020; Date of filing of Application: 06/05/2011, Published in the official Journal of Patent office: dated: 10/06/2011; Issue no. 23/2011.Name of the Applicant : Sathyabama University; Name of the Inventors : Dr. L. Stanley Abraham, Scientist E, Centre for Ocean Research; D. Inbakandan, Head & Scientist E, Centre for Ocean Research; Dr. T. Sasipraba, Vice Chancellor; Dr. B. Sheela Rani, Director (Research); Col. Dr. JEPPIAAR, Founder Chancellor.
  2. Title: BOX TYPE MARINE SEDIMENT SOIL SAMPLER, Grant No. & Date of grant: 355069-001 & 17/12/2021; Date of filing of Application: 17/12/2021, Published in the official Journal of Patent office: dated: 18/2/2022; Issue no. 07/2022.Name of the Applicant : Sathyabama University; Name of the Inventors : Dr. M. Ravi, Scientist C, Centre for Ocean Research; Dr. B. Sheela Rani, Director (Research); Dr. L. Stanley Abraham, Scientist E, Centre for Ocean Research; Dr. D. Inbakandan, Head & Scientist E, Centre for Ocean Research


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