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  • Hi,
    Any nano particle synthasis?
  • Hai kiruthika,

    I think your research is going well. My research work is on preparation of one dimensional nanostructures for Lithium ion batteries. Whether the peoples like us can approach your university for any collabrations or help for analysing our samples. It will be helpful for us.
  • hi
  • Hi, nice to know you . We are synthesis gold and silver nanoparticles. Gold is not toxic than that of silver. Application part of silver and gold NP are under progress.
  • hi i am Dr. Murugesan, working as asst professor in chennai
  • Hi which project r u working currently?
  • k , my project is synthesis of silver nano particles with using of parthenium plant extract. But synthesis of Ag nano particles doesn't need any helpers like plant extract because i using silver nitrate which can easily reduced, so, in normal temperature silver nitrate can easily reduced into Ag nano particles without any helper. Ag nano particles is a good sterilizer against microbes like bacteria, virus, additionally fungi
  • hi.. which field u finished ur graduation
  • hai, how r u, i will like discuss to u about nanotech, because me r also do the project are related about synthesis of silver nanoparticles with the help of plant extract
  • hi
    Have you this paper?
    H. Masuda and K.Fukuda,“Ordered metal nanohole array made by a two-step replication of honeycomb structures of anodic alumina,”Science 268, 1466–1468 (1995).
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