October 29

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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Metal oxide semiconductor based chemical sensors

Interest in...

nanoelectronics, Thin film technology

Publication list

1.Debarun Dhar Purkayastha, R. Pandeeswari, V. Madhurima, M., Ghanashyam Krishna, Metal buffer layer mediated wettability of nanostructured TiO2films, Material Letters, 92 (2013) 151-153, SCI, IF:2.224. 2.R. Pandeeswari, B.G. Jeyaprakash, CeO2 thin film as a low temperature formaldehyde sensor in mixed vapour environment, Bulletin of material science, 2013, Accepted, SCI, IF: 0.584 3. R. Pandeeswari, B.G. Jeyaprakash,Nanostructured α-MoO3 thin film as a highly selective TMA sensor, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 53, 2014, 182-186, SCI, IF: 5.437. 4. R. Pandeeswari, R.K. Karn,B.G. Jeyaprakash, Ethanol sensing behaviour of so-gel dip-coated TiO2 thin films, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 194, 2014, 470-477, SCI, IF:3.535. 5. R. Pandeeswari, B.G. Jeyapraksh, High sensing response of β-Ga2O3 thin film towards ammonia vapours: Influencing factors at room temperature, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 195, 2014, 206-214, SCI, IF: 3.535. 6. K. Subbulakshmi, R. Pandeeswari, B.G. Jeyaprakash, Surface morphology dependent TMA sensing response of spray deposited ZnO thin films, Superlattices and Microstructure, 65, 2014, 219-226, SCI, IF:1.546. 7. Influence of precursor solution volume on the properties of spray deposited α-MoO3 thin films, Ceramic International,40, 2014, 5817-5823, SCI, IF: 1.789. 8. CH.H.S. Pavan Kumar, R. Pandeeswari, B.G. Jeyaprakash, Structural, Morphological and optical properties of spray deposited Mn-doped CeO2 thin films, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 602 (2014) 180-186. SCI, IF: 2.390

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

nanosensors lab, CeNTAB, SASTRA University

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