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Biologist, Teacher

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nanotechnology and environmental biotechnology

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biosynthesis and characterization of extracellular nanoparticles from marine algae and their applications

Publication list

Radhika, D., Veerabahu, C., Sakthibama and Murugesan, S. 2012. Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles by the marine alga Stoechospermum marginatum.Avicenna Journal of Medical Biotechnology International Journal of NanoScience and Nanotechnology. (In Press). Murugesan, S., Bhuvaneswari, S., Murugakoothan, P and Dhamotharan, R. 2012. Extracellular biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles by the red alga Hypnea musciformis (Wulf) Lamour. Asian Journal Material Sciences. (In press). Ravikumar, S., Murugesan, S., Dhamotharan, R., Pandian, R and T.S. Subha. 2011. Phycoremediation efficiency of steel effluent wastewater by Oscillatoria sp ae. Global Jounral of Applied Environmental Science. (In press). Ravikumar S., Murugesan S., Dhamotharan R., Pandian R. and T.S. Subha. 2012. Bioremediation of Pharmaceutical Effluent by Employing Algae. Global Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences. 2, (1): 1. 29-36 Padmapriya, C., Murugesan, S and Dhamotharan, R. 2011. 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Biosciences, Biotechnology Research Asia. 4 (1): 201 -206. July 2008 Freshwater diatoms from Porur Lake, Chennai Indian Hydrobiology. 11(1): 149-154. July 2008 Antimicrobial activity of semi purified fractions of marine brown alga Padina tetrastromatica Hauck. Indian Hydrobiology. 11(1): 141-147. July 2008 Freshwater green algae from Porur Lake, Chennai Indian Hydrobiology. 11(1): 133-140. Dec 2007 Screening of freshwater algae for phycoremediation potentialties of Industrial effluents and wastewater. Eco, Environ and Conversation. Dec 2007 Phycoremediation of oil refinery effluent using cyanobacterium. Eco. Envi. & Cons. July 2007 Published the paper “Biomanagement of Dairy effluent by using cyanobacterium”. Indian Hydrobiology. April 2007 Published the paper “A study on assessment on pollution load from dairy effluent” Environmental

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