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  • Dear Prof. Prem Vaishnava,

    Hope you are fine Sir. My Name is Kaushik Pal, your field of interest really hot topic now a days and also fit with my backgrond in Materials Science and nanotechnology. Recently i am working with graphene and grahene based solar cells applications.I want to be in your list of community here for acquired knowledge and experiences from you. I will hope for your kind co-operation on my further research career.

  • Dear Sir,

    I Ranjeet Kaur, I visit your profile and find that your work is realy very interesting, I also find this kinds of work in my reseach area.I'm basically from chemisrty and biology background, also studied medicinal chemistry in my course work and work in homeopathic drugs and its nanochemistry in IIT Delhi. Sir I'm find the field of biological chemistry with nanotechnology, and I beleive that you provide me better option for research. Sir, if you have any position with your group please consider me either P.hD. or project position.I also email you  my full resume.

    Thanking you                                                         With regards,

                                                                                 Ranjeet Kaur

  • Dear Sir,
    I just went through your profile and found that you work in condensed matter physics including superconductors, which lies in common interest to me.
    Thus, i would like if i could get a position at your laboratory for next summer, as i have some experience working in nanotechnology.
    I am pursuing Integrated masters in nanotechnology with specialization in nanomaterials and devices. And, I have worked at national level laboratories over here including Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.
    I can email my resume for your reference.

    kindly reply.

    Shashank Mathur
  • Dear Sir

    I'm so much enthusiastic about Nanotechnology. Wanna friend with you.. :-)
  • Dear Sir

    I'm so much enthusiastic about Nanotechnology. Wanna friend with you.. :-)
  • Thank you sir. Need a lot of guidance from professionals like yourself for my growth and for imparting my knowledge to others.

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    Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

    M. A. Shah

    Tokeer Ahmad
  • Dear Sir

    Thank you very much...........
  • Respected Sir,

    I am very happy to see your reply and thank you very much sir. welcome to our country and i am very glad to meet you sir. Now the sample preparation is going on sir. I am very much interesting to see your lecturer sir. Please give that paper to study the experimental set up.
  • Respected sir,
    Thank u very much for reply me. Right now i am doing superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for hyperthermia applications. In India there is very rare in thermal therapy experiment using iron oxide nanoparticles. In many persons are doing research in the field of quantum dots for cancer therapy. For my Master's degree i do the experiment in surfactant coated magnetic nanoparticles and i get a monodispersed nanoparticles with biocompatible. There is no facilities in india to do in the application purposes. Right now i am doing a surfactant coated monodispersed nanoparticles with in the range of 4nm-50nm. Using colloidal method i get controled monodispersed nanoparticles compared to solution method. Because different size of the nanoparticles is used in hyperthermia applications. Also i am trying in MRI applications.
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