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Microencapsulation and Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery

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Selected Publication 1) M. Saravanan, K. Sri Nataraj, K. S. Ganesh, The effect of tablet formulation and hardness on in vitro release of cephalexin from Eudragit L100 based extended release tablets. Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 25 (4), 2002, pp. 541-545. 2) M. Saravanan, G.S. Kishore, S. Ramachandran, and S. K. Sridhar, Preparation and characterization of nimesulide microcapsules by gelatin -pectin complex coacervation. Indian Drugs, 39 (7), 2002, pp. 368-372. 3) E. A. Arno, P. Anand, K. Bhaskar, S. Ramachandran, M. Saravanan and R. Vinod, Eudragit NE30D Based Metformin / Gliclazide Extended Release Tablets: Formulation, Characterisation and In Vitro Release Studies. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 50(11), 2002, pp.1495-1498. 4) M.Saravanan, K. Bhaskar, G.Srinivasa Rao and M. D. Dhanaraju, Ibuprofen loaded ethylcellulose/polystyrene microspheres: an approach to get prolonged drug release with reduced burst effect and low ethylcellulose content. Journal of Microencapsulation, 20(3), 2003, pp. 289-302. 5) M. Saravanan, K. Sri Nataraj, K. S. Ganesh, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Based Cephalexin Extended Release Tablets: Influence of Tablet Formulation, Hardness and Storage on in Vitro release kinetics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 51(8), 2003, pp.978-983. 6) M. Saravanan, M. D. Dhanaraju, S. K. Sridhar, S. Ramachandran, S. Kishore Gnana Sam, P. Anand, K. Bhaskar and G. Srinivasa Rao. Preparation, Characterization and In Vitro Release Kinetics of Ibuprofen loaded Polystyrene Microspheres, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 66(3), 2004, pp. 287-292. 7) M. Saravanan, K. Bhaskar, G. Maharajan and K. Sadasivan Pillai, Ultrasonically controlled release and targeted delivery of diclofenac sodium via gelatin magnetic microspheres. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 283 (1-2), 2004, pp. 71-82. 8) M. Saravanan, V. Akhilesh Vijay, P.D. Pradeep Kumar, A. Sushma , Priya, G. Maharajan, K. Sadasivan Pillai and S. Pandey, Comparative studies on Diclofenac Sodium loaded Albumin/Gelatin Magnetic Microspheres for Intra-arterial Administration. Acta Pharmaceutica Sciencia, 50 (3), 2008, pp 189-195. 9) M. Saravanan, A. B. Balaji, P. Kavitha and J. Danie Kingsley, “Controlled Delivery of Ranitidine in Stomach using Magnetic Field”. West Indian Medical Journal, March 2009 (In Press). 10)Saravanan, M., & Rao, K. P. Pectin–gelatin and alginate–gelatin complex coacervation for controlled drug delivery: Influence of anionic polysaccharides and drugs being encapsulated on physicochemical properties of microcapsules. Carbohydrate Polymers (2010), doi:10.1016/j.carbpol.2009.12.036

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