March 29

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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Work knowledge in both synthesis as well as natural products chemistry. I have good knowledge of chemical reaction and stereo chemistry and familiar in modificationof polysaccharide (alginate) using different routs.

Interest in...

interest in nanotecnology, chiral catalyst form seaweed polysaccharide

Publication list

[1]Microwave assisted rapid method for hydrolysis of sodium alginate for M/G ratio determination, Mahesh Chhatbar, Ramavtar Meena, Kamalesh prasad, A.K.Siddhanta*. Carbohydrate Polymers 76:650-656, 2009. [2] Development of a robust hydrogel system based on agar and sodium alginate blend, Ramavtar Meena, Mahesh Chhatbar, Kamalesh prasad, A.K.Siddhanta*. Polymer International, 57: 329-336, 2008. [3] Profilling of cellulose from Indian Seaweeds. A K Siddhanta*, Kamalesh Prasad, Ramavatar Meena, Gayatri Prasad, Gaurav K Mehta, Mahesh U Chhatbar, Mihir D Oza, Sanjay Kumar, Naresh Sananadiya. Bioresource Technology, 100: 6669-6673, 2009. [4] Agar/sodium alginate-graft-polyacrylonitrile, a stable hydrogel system, Mahesh U Chhatbar, Ramavatar Meena, Kamalesh Prasad, A K Siddhanta*. Indian J. of chemistry, 48A: 1085-1090, 2009. [5] Carbohydrate polymers: Development, properties & applications” [In press: April 11, 2009], A.K.Siddhanta, Ramavatar Meena, Gayatri Prasad, Mahesh U. Chhatbar, Gaurav K. Mehta, Mihir D. Oza, Sanjay Kumar, Kamalesh Prasad. Nova Science publishers, Inc., 400 oser avenue, suite 1600: happauge, NY 11788.

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CSMCRI, Bhavnagar

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