Kolkata, West Bengal


November 15

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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Solid State Physics

Interest in...

Magnetic nanostructured materials and nano device

Publication list

1.Tunneling mechanism through the nonlinear electrical transport in Co/CoO particles with core-shell nanostructure. S. Das, S. Majumdar and S. Giri*, Physics Letters A 373 (2009) 2890–2893 2.Exchange bias effect at the irregular interfaces between Co and CoO nanostructures, S. Das , M. Patra, S. Majumdar, and S. Giri*,Journal of Alloys and Compounds 488 (2009) 27-30. 3.Magnetic Field, Temperature, and Time Controlled Manipulation of Switching Mechanism in NiO Film: Evidence of Large Magnetoconductance. S. Das, S. Majumdar and S. Giri*, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (2010) 6671–6675. 4.Training effect in hysteretic I-V Curves. S. Das, S. Majumdar and S. Giri*, Physics Letters A 374 (2010) 4559-4562. 5.Multifunctional properties of CoNi alloy embedded in the SiO2 host: Role of inter particle interaction. S. Das,S.Majumdar,S.Giri*, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 184 (2011) 2215–2219. 6.Room temperature weak ferromagnetism and magnetoconductance in functional CuO film. S. Das, S. Majumdar, S. Giri*, Applied Surface Science 257 (2011) 10775– 10779. 7. Iron nanoparticles from electrochemicals route. R. Ray*, S. Das, M. patra and M Thakur. Nanoscience Methods 1 (2012) 1 - 8.

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Dr. Saurav Giri Research Group, Indian Association for The Cultivation of science

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