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  • thank you Dr.Mohammed for every thing
    i appreciate you
    thank you a lot Dr.Mohammed
  • Happy Birth Day !!
  • hi sir i am working with Mr Tharmaraj. i am intrested join your lab . Please consider me.
  • Dear Dr. Mohamed Mostafa,
    Thanks for accepting me as your friend. Hertreogenous catalysis and Nanoporous materials are really interesting field of research. During my Ph.D I did little work on nanoporous silica and alumina. I wanted to know did you work on applications of any nanoporous materials for hydrogen storage or fuel cells so far. Since nanotechnology has become such a vast and interdisciplinary area i think much knowledge can be achieved by mutual discussions. Although I am a physicist , from optoelectronic devices now I have moved to proteomics area.

    Have a nice day.
  • thank u sir for accept my request
  • hi sir thank you for valuable reply,i am in intermediate stage of my research so completed in my research i have sent CV to you, if any clarification of my work i will sent mail to you please help me sir.
  • Dear
    Dr.Mohamed Mokhtar Mohamed Mostafa i am V. Tharmaraj working in nanocatalysis, Synthesis of Clay/Zeolite interrcalated metal and metal nanoparticles using organic reactions, i have sent friend request please accept and help for my research carrier.
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  • Shokra ya basha 3la Elda3wa Elkarima,inshaa Allah Hab3athalak
  • wolcom Dr.Mohammed
    thank you
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