NID3–303 Nanotechnology companies




We are a company engaged in treatment of water, wastewater, effluent and air dis-infection and de-contamination with the application of ADVANCED NANO OXIDATION TECHNOLOGY..we are creating an awareness about its advantages and merits. We feel that this is an appropriate platform to participate and showcase.

The velocity of embracing new solutions is likely to accelerate. With heightened concern in wastewater technologies, it is a stimulating time to be working in this sector. Scientific research enabling and innovative technologies have increased and the rate of adoption to new processes is also expected to increase in the coming years.  It is important to challenge conventional approaches, stereotype methodologies to determine where value can be derived, re-evaluate systems’ efficiency, and move towards innovative ways of doing things, same things but differently. To embrace innovation, you have to embrace change - NANO TECHNOLOGY HAS THE ANSWER AND SOLUTION FOR THE SAME.

Materials will be uploaded during the virtual event from 3rd to 16th December 2012