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  • How ru shankari

    hows ur nano studies moving, u have magnetic looks

  • hi..which process u adopted to synthesis tio2 tio2 has many applications in nanoelectronics
  • hi welcome to our community have a nice day
  • Dear Shankari

    Do read and recommend. Your Chohan sb. has been acknowledged. Shah

    Narosa Publishing House is pleased to announce the release of

    Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

    M. A. Shah

    Tokeer Ahmad
  • Hello.... Have u completed ur masters in nanotechnology
  • so which year are you????

    is your project got started??
  • that's well.......
  • hi how r u, thank u for u r friendship keep it touch with me bye take care.
  • oohhh.....k......

    do your college has two courses on NANO.....???
    here means VIT UNIVERSITY...... :)
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