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    NanoAfrica is a new TINC group for all people interested in the developments and applications of nanotechnology in Africa. I’d like to invite you to join at and to post a description of your institution as well as your research focus and application areas. This will help inform an annual report on the region to be published in June at and increase the impact of your research as well as extend its reach.
    NanoAfrica is a group for all people interested in the developments and applications of nanotechnology in Africa. Please feel free to post a descript…
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    The ICPC Nanonet project (EU funded under FP7) is aimed at networking nanoscientists and researchers across the globe to help bridge the nano divide and avoid a knowledge apartheid.

    It offers a free open access Nano Archive of nearly 7,000 items including many full texts at Please contact me if you would like to archive your research and I will create an editor's account for you.

    You can join the international network at Registration is free. The website also contains information for parties interested in FP7 collaboration, details of free webinars taking place (three in September), information about researchers and organisations and much more.

    I am also interested in communicating with researchers in sub-Saharan Africa for the annual region report. If you would like your institution's research showcased in the report, please get in touch
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    hai ,what research work u r doing now???????
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    Hello Raji
    thanks for the friend invite :)
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    Nice to hear about your study.. all the best for your carrier.. if you have any problem in subjects please let me i will try to help.......

    Take carke....
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    Thnx for inviting... and how is research work.. are ou phd...? or post doc?
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    Akeem, That is good. This will develop the world of science.
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