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Do you work on biosensors ?"
Aug 21
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"Hi Members 1

I would like to update myself regarding the development in the field of Implant devices with the influnce of 'Nanotechnology and its application ' in this field.

Aug 21
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"I would like to know more about the advancements of nanoscience in medical devices and its intigrated designing ."
Aug 21
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"Hello !

I would like your suggestions on the various applications of nanoscience in developing new devices for agriculture as well as medical implants like Cardiac Pacemakers.

I will appreceate your ideas and suggestions,
Thanking you,
Aug 21
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Hi friends,plz let me know some of the applications of biosensors in implantable cardiac device in detail. I am very keen on cardiac devices.Thanks and Regards,Ruchika
Aug 21