August 3

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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Semiconductor and metal nanocomposites CdSe, CdS, ZnO Ag nanocomposites

Interest in...

Nano :) well, interested in everything from nanocomposite synthesis, experimental characterization of nanocomposites to numerical simulations and theoretical calculations

Publication list

Preparation and optical properties of CdS nanoparticles dispersed in poly(2-(dimethylamino) ethyl methaerylate-co-acrylic acid) co-polymers Trandafilovic LV, Djokovic V, Bibic N, et al. OPTICAL MATERIALS Volume: 30 Issue: 7 Pages: 1208-1212 “Confined growth of Ag2S semiconductor nanocrystals in the presence of PDMAEMA-co-AA polyampholyte co-polymer” L.V. Trandafilović, V. Djoković, N. Bibić, M.K. Georges, T. Radhakrishnan Materials Letters 64 (2010) 1123–1126 “‘Green’ synthesis and optical properties of silver–chitosan complexes and nanocomposites” D. K. Božanić, L. V. Trandafilović, A. S. Luyt, V. Djoković Reactive and Functional Polymers 70 (2010) 869-873 "Fabrication and antibacterial properties of ZnO-alginate nanocomposites" L.V. Trandafilović, D.K. Božanić, S. Dimitrijević-Branković, A.S. Luyt,V. Djoković Carbohydrate Polymers Volume 88, Issue 1, 17 March 2012, Pages 263–269

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinca"

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