Sundararajan.T commented on Divinah Manoharan's blog post Impedance Analysis Characterization- Need help!!!
"u can do the AC Impedance analysis at NML-CSIR, Taramani."
Aug 21
Sundararajan.T left a comment for Dr. Vandna Luthra
"Dear madame,
Can you help us with some magnetic materials characterisations like VSM, Magnetostiction etc?


Aug 21
Sundararajan.T left a comment for P Mowlali
"I'm doing B.Tech., in Ceramic Technology at A.C.Tech.,Anna University,Chennai-25,India."
Aug 21
Sundararajan.T commented on Dr R S Jadoun's blog post Call for Papers: Submission of original research work for "International Journal of Applications in Nanoscience (IJAN)"
"Nice to hear this sir!..Soon we will be sending an article.."
Aug 21
Sundararajan.T commented on Jayadev's blog post December Issue
Please send it to my address (provided it is totally free including the postal charges):
(Reg. No.: 20080627)
B.Tech.,Ceramic Technology,3rd Year,
Department of Ceramic Technology,
Alagappa College of Technology,
Anna University…"
Aug 21