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April 10

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Physicist, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Structure-property correlation of materials such as oxides, onducting polymers, ceramics, feroelectrics and nanocomposites and their use for technological applications. Nanomaterials-synthesis, characterization and applications

Interest in...

Interested in synthesis, characterization and applications of technologically important materials

Publication list

[1] Lattice vibrations of ABi2Nb2O9 crystals (A = Ca, Sr, Ba) by H.C. Gupta Archana and Vandna Luthra accepted for publication in Journal of Viberational Spectroscopy ( In press, 2011) [2] Phase evolution studies of sol-gel derived lead zirconate titanate (PZT) nano powder using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction studies) by Anupama Sachdeva, Mahesh Gupta, Vandna Luthra and R. P. Tandon, accepted for publication in Journal Applied Physics A (2011) [3] A lattice dynamical investigation of the Raman and the infrared wavenumbers of SBT(SrBi2Ta2O9) By H.C. Gupta, Archana and Vandna Luthra Journal of Molecular Structure, 2010 [4] Anupama Sachdeva, Prikshit Gautam, Vandna Luthra , R. P. Tandon, Structural and Electrical Properties of Lead Zirconate Titanate 0-3 composite films, Integrated Ferroelectrics, Accepted Manuscript, Article in Press. (2010) [5] Anupama Sachdeva, Vandna Luthra, Prikshit Gautam, R. P. Tandon, Dielectric and ferroelectric studies on sol-gel derived calcium modified lead zirconate titanate ceramics, Integrated Ferroelectrics, Accepted Manuscript, Article in Press. (2010) [6] Manju Arora, Anupama Sachdeva, Vandna Luthra, R.P. Tandon, R.P. Pant Sol-gel Derived Nanocrystalline Lanthanum Doped Lead Zirconate Titanate Thin Films Studied for Solitary Waves Propagation, Integrated Ferroelectrics, Accepted Manuscript, Article in Press. (2010) [7] Gas-sensing properties of Fe2―xTixO3+γ (x = 0―1.4) by Vandna Luthra, Keith F. E. Pratt, Robert G. Palgrave, David E. Williams, R. P. Tandon and Ivan P. Parkin in Polyhedron 2010, 29, 1225-1230. [8] Fabrication and characterization of Fe1.90Ti0.1O3 gas sensitive resistors for carbon monoxide by Vandna Luthra, Keith F.E. Pratt, Ivan P. Parkin, D.E.Williams and R. P. Tandon, Sensors & Actuators B: Chem, 135 (2009) 430. [9] DC Conductivity and Electron Spin Resonance studies of polyaniline Doped with Sulfuric Acid : Current Applied Physics 2003 Vandna Luthra , Ramadhar Singh , A.Mansingh and S.K.Gupta [10] Vibrartional Spectroscopy of polyaniline doped with sulfuric and phosphoric acid : Biosensor Biotechnology 2002, Vandna Luthra et. al. [11] Effect of protonic acids on the dielectric spectroscopy of polyaniline presented at ICSM Synthetic Metals 2001. Vandna Luthra et. al. [12] Dielectric spectroscopy of doped polyaniline by R.Singh , V.Arora , R.P.Tandon , S.Chandra , A.Mansingh , Synth. Met.,104(1999) 137 [13] Charge transport and structural properties of polyaniline by R.Singh , V.Arora , R.P.Tandon , S.Chandra , A.Mansingh , J. Mat . Sci.,33 (1998) 2067. [14] Transport and structural of polyaniline doped with monovalent and multivalent ions by R.Singh , V.Arora , R.P.Tandon , S.Chandra , N.Kumar and , A.Mansingh Polymer , 38 (1997) 4897

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Department of Physics, Gargi College, Siri Fort Road, New Delhi-110049

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