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    I am Using various metal nanoparticles for catalysis.I am using Reverse micro emulsion technique at room temperature to synthesized nanoparticles of desired shape and size with low polydispersity.We all are aware about the interesting Gold-thiol Interaction.This phenomena has been exploited for various application in nanotechnology Viz.. catalysis, sensors fabrication, NSL etc...I have some doubt..
    1. What type of bonding is this? (gold-thiol)
    2. What is the bond energy?
    3.How to Detach the thiols from gold nanoparticles?
    4.What are the different techniques other than IR to confirm about this bonding.
    5. what is the optimum pH for this bonding to take place?
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    Thanx for replying sir. I'm studying at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.
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    Thank you sir.
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    Hallo Sir, good afternoon.your working area is very much interesting. I wanna know more about this. Am interested to have Nanotechnology as my further study and research.
    MSC. Biotechnology
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    Hello sir ... this is karthikeyan from IITM.. i'd like to visit ur lab once... is it possible sometime first or second week of next month ?
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    am working in apollo hospitals chennai
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