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    Nakaa Nanotechnology Network NNN
    Nakaa Nanotechnology Network NNN. 8.1K likes. The Official Facebook Page of NNN Website Youtube…
  • NNN an Affiliate of Naqaa Foundation of scientific Research, Technology and developments would like to invite all of those who are interested in Nanotechnology to attend a Seminar about " Introduction to Nanotechnology and its General applications at Naqaa FoundationFaisal branch, Faisal street on Saturday 15 August 2015 from
    11:30 am till 2:30 pm which will contain lectures in
    1. Introduction to Nanotechnology.
    2. Nanotechnology and its General applications
    3. فقرة مفتوحة عن أين وكيف يمكنك دراسة تقنية النانو
    Seminar will be presented by Pharmacist Wesam Ahmed Tawfik, president of NNN
    Coffee break and Refreshments will be served during the day
    please call at 0111 58 31 6 21 for more information
    To register to the seminar , Just send us an email containing:

    1- Your full triple name

    2- Your position

    3-Your mobile

    4-your email

    Subject of email: 22nd NNNano day: Introduction to Nanotechnology and its general applications

    email message: I want to attend 

    Attendance is not free and low fees (55 L.E.) is required for the certificate ( obligatory ).Fees are to be paid by Vodaphone Cash at 01068084508 Deadline for registration by fees payment is 5August 2015. Attendance will be limited to 30 persons only. certificates are provided by NNN 
    Certificate will be received after the seminar.

    Best regards
    for more information please contact or mobile 01115831621

  • Naqaa Foundation for scientific Research, Technology and Development would like to invite all of those who are interested in all kinds of innovation to participate in and attend our great event "YES Conference- Young Egyptian Scientists Conference which will be held on Saturday 9 Sep. 2015 which will contain presentations in all fields of scientific innovations, inventions and fields which support new technologies.
    Abstracts of not more than 300 words can be sent either in Arabic or English at least by 30 july 2015.
    Eligibility criteria:
    Age range between 13 to 45 years old
    Registration fees for participation are 150 EGP
    Registration fees for attendance are 100 EGP
    All participants and attendees will receive certificates.
    First 10 best topics will be awarded valuable financial awards to support their work

    please call at 0111 58 31 6 21 for more information
    To register to the conference , Just fill the registration form at

    Registration deadline is 3 August 2015
    Fees are to be paid at Bank or Post office
    Method of Fees payment:
    Fees are to be paid to:

    Bank name: Faisal Islamic bank of Egypt

    Bank branch: Dokkii branch

    Account number:23608

    Account Name: Wesam Ahmed Tawfik


    Bank address: 9 Adel Rostom street from Nile street – Dokkii

    you can pay the fees in any other branch but you need to provide the above bank information during payment telling the bank employee that you would like to direct the fees to the above mentioned bank details.

    You will receive a payment confirmation sheet from the bank, please scan it and send it to

    to confirm your registration and payment.

    please call at 002 0111 58 31 6 21 for more information or to be paid personally to:
    Ahmed Farag - Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo university: 002 01142886194
    Wesam, Vacsera 002 0111 58 31 6 21

  • Nakaa Nanotechnology Network NNN an affilate of Naqaa Foundation for scientific Research, Technology and Development is organizing the third International Conference:


    “Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Spectroscopy: tools of success in the coming Era”


    27 -29 March 2015 Cataract Pyramids 5 stars Resort Giza, Egypt


    The conference will take place over 3 days, and will be divided into sections that allow focusing on the conference topics.


    Call for Oral and Poster Session Abstracts


    The Conference will consist of invited oral presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations selected from abstracts. We are now accepting applications for oral and poster presentations.


    Authors will be notified of the selection results. Submissions for presentations should include an abstract of no more than 350 words


    Written in Times new roman size 12


    Abstracts should support one of the topics listed below:


    • Nanotechnology and its applications:


    1. Medicine


    2. Pharmacy


    3. Dentistry


    4. Biotechnology


    5. Diagnosis and imaging


    6. Cancer therapy


    7. Microbiology


    8. Water treatment


    9. Agriculture, Marine sciences


    10. Nanophysics


    11. Nanochemistry


    12. Engineering (Mechanics, Electronics, Architecture,…etc) and industry





    ** Registration



    Full Registration



    Early Registration Fees:



    from 2 Nov. 2014 to 20 Jan. 2015



    Category / Nationality Egyptians Foreigners



    Attendance 750 L.E 600 USD



    Poster presenter 850 L.E 500 USD



    Oral Presenter 850 L.E 500USD








    Nakaa Members till 31 December 2015 Registration fees: ( If you are not a member, You can still join NNN and enjoy discount )

    Category / Nationality Egyptians Foreigners



    Attendance 600 L.E 400 USD



    Poster presenter 700 L.E 400 USD



    Oral Presenter 700 L.E 400USD






    • The registration fees include;


    1. open buffet Lunches and coffee breaks indicated in the program.


    2. Participation to all scientific sessions.


    3. Admission to the scientific and commercial exhibition.


    4. All congress documentation (congress bag with its contents, name badge, certificate of attendance, congress book)

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  • American Scientific Publishers (ASP) - LAUNCHES NEW JOURNAL “ADVANCED CARBON”

    ASP has recently launched its new journal called “Advanced Carbon” which is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary international journal publishing original and high-quality articles, short communications, critical reviews, case studies etc, covering a wide range of topics in carbon related science and engineering.

    Authors can get the submission guidelines and submit their manuscript at

    No publication fees.

    The authors will be informed on the decision within four (4) weeks after submission, and following acceptance, the article will be published in the journal’s next issue.

    Impact factor of this journal is awaited.

    Looking forward to your submission.

    Editorial Team

  • Welcome all,
    With respect to the requests of many foreigners who are interested to attend our conference ICNBS EGYPT 2013, as they need some more time to get their visas, especially after opening traveling to Egypt in many countries on 28 Sep. 2013,
     we - the conference organizers - decided to postpone the conference date for only one month to: Friday 29 Nov.- Sunday 01 Dec. 2013.
    Registration had been extended till 15 November 2013 either for abstract presenters or for attendees. Hurry up as this may be your last chance to register and attend ICNBS Egypt 2013
    Registration fees from 28 October till 5 November either for abstract presenters or for attendees are:
    One day registration 275 EGP / 175 USD
    2 days registration 500 EGP/ 350 USD
    3 days registration 625 EGP / 525 USD 

    Registration fees from 6 November till 15 November either for abstract presenters or for attendees are:
    One day registration 325 EGP / 225 USD
    2 days registration 550 EGP/ 400 USD
    3 days registration 700 EGP / 600 USD 
    Thanks for your attention and for any inquires, please contact us on emails:
    or on mobiles : 002 01115831621 - 002 01123197575
    Nakaa Nanotechnology Network NNN
    Mobile outside Egypt: 002 0111 58 31 6 21
    Mobile inside Egypt: 0111 58 31 6 21

    ICNBS Egypt 2013 International conference
    Welcome all,   iSeS Egypt Company in cooperation with Nakaa Nanotechnology Network are organizing the international Conference:   “Nanotechnology, Bi…
  • Hello Friends

    Ad-Nano Technologies is unique in the nano technology market as a company. We manufacture and supply the best quality of different forms of Graphene and Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube at very competitive price. We made our product suitable for polymer composite.

    We also specialized in doing the analytical services like FESEM,TEM, AFMFTIRXRD, XPS, Raman spectroscopyContact angle  , BETZeta sizer and Master sizer

    I would request you to kindly visit our website;  


    Adnan Javeed


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Hybrid green nanocomposites

Hello Friends,I am doing research on Hybrid green nancomposites for exterior structure parts of automotive. I m using fiber, poly(trimethylene terephthalat) , nanoclay.Is their any other way???Is there anyone has done work in same field want to share his experience.RegardsArun Kumar Gupta.

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Progress in dispersion methods of nanoparticles into polymer matrices

The metalic, ceramic or carbon-based nanoparticles are of great interest in terms of their potential applications in biomedical, electronic, and opticalmaterials. The incorporation of these nanoparticles in polymer matrices is a field of particular interest for materials engineering and the study of nanoparticle-matrix interactions.The process of dispersing nanoparticles in a polymer matrix so that they remain isolated (i.e., dispersed) has proven to be problematic. Three general methods to…

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Nanocomposites: Properties and Applications

Advantages of Nanosized AdditionsThe Nanocomposites 2000 conference has revealed clearly the property advantages that nanomaterial additives can provide in comparison to both their conventional filler counterparts and base polymer. Properties which have been shown to undergo substantial improvements include:· Mechanical properties e.g. strength, modulus and dimensional stability· Decreased permeability to gases, water and hydrocarbons· Thermal stability and heat distortion temperature· Flame…

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polymers+clay nanosheets =Polymer nanocomposites

In the field of nanotechnology, the synthesis and applications of polymer nanocomposites are an important and strategical field of nanomaterial science.Polymer nanocomposites respresent a new class of material alternative to conventional filled polymers.In this new class of material, nanosized inorganic filler (at least one dimension) are dispersed in polymer matrix offering tremendous improvement in performance properties of the polymer.Typically smectite-type clays are used as fillers.…

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