April 26

I am...

Physicist, Doctor, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

in situ TEM and SEM, AFM nanoindentation, nano scale mechanical properties of materials, nanomanupulation.

Interest in...

New measurement method of nano-object, in situ technology for nano scale properties testing,

Publication list

Kun Zheng, XiaoDong Han, Lihua Wang, YueFei Zhang, Yonghai Yue, Yan Qin, XiaoNa Zhang, and Ze Zhang, Atomic mechanisms governing the elastic limit and the incipient plasticity of bending Si nanowires, Nano Letters 2009, 7, 452 Y.F. Zhang, L. Wang, Y. Ji, X.D. Han, Z. Zhang, R. Heiderhoff, A.-K.Tiedemann, L. J. Balk, Thermal Conductivity Studies of a GaN-Sapphire Structure by Combined Scanning Thermal Microscopy and Electron Backscatter Diffraction, 16th International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits, Suzhou, China, 2009. Qiang Chen,Yuefei Zhang, Lizhen Yang, Siguang Chen, Jing Weng and Lei Yue. Polymer driven covalently-bonded decahedral-twinning of Ag nanoparticles prepared by ICP enhanced magnetron sputtering method, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113(18),7633-7638.. YueFei Zhang, XiaoDong Han, Kun Zheng, XiaoNa Zhang, and Ze Zhang, Direct observation of super-plasticity of beta-SiC nanowires at low temperature, Advanced functional materials, 2007.17, 3435-3440. Xiaodong Han, Shanliang Zheng, Yuefei Zhang, Kun Zheng, Shengbai Zhang, Ze Zhang, Xiaona Zhang, Xianqiang Liu, Gang Chen, Yajuan Hao, and Xiangyun Guo, Polarization Driven Covalently-Bonded Octahedral-Twinning and Backbone –Peripheral -Helical Nanoarchitectures, Nano Letters 2008,8,2258-2264.. XiaoDong Han, YueFei Zhang, Kun Zheng, XiaoNa Zhang, and Ze Zhang, Low-Temperature in Situ Large Strain Plasticity of Ceramic SiC Nanowires and Its Atomic-Scale Mechanism, Nano Letters 2007, 7, 452. XiaoDong Han, Kun Zheng, YueFei Zhang, XiaoNa Zhang, and Ze Zhang, Low Temperature In-Situ Large-Strain-Plasticity of Silicon Nanowires,Advanced materials, 2007,19,2112. XiaoDong Han, YueFei Zhang, XianQiang Liu, and Ze Zhang, Lattice Bending, Disordering and Amorphization Induced Plastic Deformation in a SiC Nanowire, Journal of Applied Physics, 2005, 98:124307-1~124307-4. Yuefei Zhang, Xinchao Bian, Qiang Chen, Guangqiu Zhang and Yuan Gao, Multiple needle cathodes plasma surface alloying of Ti6Al4V with W-Mo-C-N, Key Engineering Materials,2008, 373-374: 426-429. Yuefei Zhang, Xinchao Bian, Qiang Chen, Yu Wang, Guangqiu Zhang, Yuanjing Ge,Structural investigation and barrier properties of a-C:H thin films on polymer by PECVD,SPIE,2008, 6984,69840P1-4. Xin-chao BIAN, Chun-qing HUO, Yuefei Zhang, Qiang CHEN, Preparation and photoluminescence of ZnO with nanostructure by hollow-cathode discharge. Front. Mater. Sci. China, 2008,2(1):31-36.

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Beijing university of Technology

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