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Physicist, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Tribology of polymer composites, nanocomposites

Interest in...

mechanical, electrical, tribological, thermo-mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites and blends

Publication list

1. Navin Chand and M.Fahim, Tribology of Natural Fiber Polymer Composites, Woodhead Publishing Limited, London (2008) 2. M. Fahim and J. Paulo Davim, Tribology of Functionalised carbon nanofillers based polymer composites, in Tribology of Polymer Composites (Ed) J. Paulo Davim, Nova Science Publishers, US (2010) 3. J. Bijwe and M. Fahim, Tribology of High Performance Engineering Polymers, in Advanced Functional Molecules and Polymers, ed, H.S. Nalwa, vol. 4, Physical properties and applications, Chapter 8, Gordon and Breach, (2001) 4. M. Fahim, J. Bijwe and H.S. Nalwa, Polyimides for Microelectronics and Tribology Applications, in Supramolecular, photosensitive and electroactive materials, ed. H.S. Nalwa, Academic Publishers, (2001) 5.Correlation of mechanical and tribological properties of organosilane modified cenosphere filled high density polyethylene, Navin Chand, Prabhat Sharma, M. Fahim, Materials Science and Engineering A 527 (2010) 5873 6. Tribology of maleic anhydride modified rice-husk filled polyvinylchloride, Navin Chand, Prabhat Sharma, M. Fahim, Wear, Article in press (available online) (2010) 7. Erosive wear of carbon fabric reinforced polyetherimide composites: Role of amount of fabric and processing technique, J. Bijwe, Rekha Rattan, M. Fahim, Sudhir Tiwari, Polymer Composites, 29 (3), (2008), 337 8. Optimization of weave of carbon fabric for best combination of strength and tribo-performance of polyetherimide composites in adhesive wear mode, R. Rattan, J. Bijwe and M. Fahim, Wear, 264, (1-2), (2008) p 96-105 9. Abrasive wear performance of carbon fabric reinforced polyetherimide composites: Influence of content and orientation of fabric, J. Bijwe, Rekha Rattan and M. Fahim, Tribology International, 40 (2007) 844 10. Influence of weave of carbon fabric on low amplitude oscillating wear performance of polyetherimide composites, Rekha Ratan, J. Bijwe and M. Fahim, Wear, 262 (5-6), (2007) 727 11. Optimum concentration of reinforcement and solid lubricant in polyamide 12 composites for best tribo performance in two wear modes, J. Bijwe, V. Naidu, N. Bhatnagar and M. Fahim, Tribology Letters, 21 (2006) 57 12. Pyroelectric properties of phosphoric acid doped TGS single crystals, Aparna Saxena, M Fahim, Vinay Gupta and K. Sreenivas, J Phys D: Appl. Phys, 36 (2003) 3168 13. Friction and wear performance evaluation of carbon fiber reinforced PTFE composite, J. Bijwe, S. Neje, J. Indumathi and M. Fahim, J Reinf. Plast. and Comp., 21 (13) (2002) 1221 14. Statistical data analysis of abrasive wear performance of polyetherimide and composites, M. Fahim, J. Indumathi and J. Bijwe, J Reinf. Plast and Composites, 20 (12) (2001) 101 15. Friction and wear behaviour of polyetherimide composites in various wear modes, J. Bijwe, J. Indumathi, J. John Rajesh and M. Fahim, Wear 249 (2001) 715 16. Wear of cryotreated engineering polymers and composites, J. Indumathi, J. Bijwe, A. Ghosh, M. Fahim and N. Krishnaraj, Wear 225-229 (1999) 343 17. Hardness estimated from the indentation of a spherical body: Some implications for nanoindenaion test results, M.S. Bobji, M. Fahim and S.K. Biswas, Tribol. Letts., 2 (1996) 381 18. Irradiation effects on the abrasive wear of glass fiber vinylester composites, Navin Chand and M. Fahim, Tribol. Letts., 3 (1997) 157 19. Effect of laser irradiation on abrasive wear of glass fiber polyester composite, Navin Chand and M. Fahim, Tribol. Letts 2 (1996) 81 20. Modelling the effect of artificial weathering on abrasive wear behaviour of glass-polyester composites, Navin Chand and M. Fahim, Tribol. Letts., 2 (1996) 151 21. Role of polymeric matrices in improving wear resistance of irradiated FRP composites, Navin Chand and M. Fahim, Tribol. Letts 1 (1995) 301 22. Effect of Co gamma irradiation on interface and abrasive wear of glass fiber reinforced polyester composite, N. Chand, M. Fahim and S.G. Hossain, J Mat. Sci. Letts 12 (1993) 1603

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Department of Physics, Zakir Husain College, University of Delhi, Delhi INDIA

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