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  • hi .......
    you had nice Research using green things for synthesis a nanoparticles...... may i know what is the factor involves the nanoparticles synthesis.....
  • hello . . .. mam this is Rajesh . . . doing PhD in NAnobiotechnology. . .. .may i know about you
  • hi i want to congrrats u for having interest in medicinal plants and nanotechnology . Its very happy to hear that ur reserch in plant sciences . I hope you will definately reach ur goasl . As Plant science student nw doing nanotechnology I'm also interested to work in areas of Nanotechnology and plant sciences ?
  • Pumpkin Centerpiece
  • i dont know u. but i want to know about every person related to my profession and u are the first one.
  • good after noon mam what do u do
  • Hi, i think the XRD can be used to the system where crystal materials exist. Of cause, sometimes we need special technic about XRD, like small angle XRD for thin film, HR XRD for single crystals.
    Hello sir
    Myself vedpriya
    Can XRD be used for the characterization of nanoparticles in plant extract?
  • hello vedpriya, kindly give me the details of the conference ..........
  • I'm doin pretty gud. Howz your research progressing?
  • hi! vedpriya,

    how are you doing? howz your reserach going on? tell me about your reserach in detail.......

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