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  • you have done 30 paper so far. From that i would you say you are winding with R&D. Congratulation Sister.
  • Dear friend I am currently a student who is still pursuing my masters in materials science ...your research field is quite interesting...have a nice day
  • can u explain me, what is the mechanism behind that the nano particles only affect cancer cells without cause any damage to other cells of our body... pls give it in simple english
  • Dear Dr Davaran
    at present i am away in Netherlands at Erasmus MC from my lab in India where we can do all kinds of cytotoxicity studies. In Erasmus MC, i have to check with cell-bio colleagues the possibilities. also I have to check with my students in India about their schedules. pl tell me, which cell line and assay u need . MTT will do?
  • Great to know your work Dear Davaran, cool . be connected
  • ba salam
    come with ous in nano nature group
  • ya sure !
  • welcome to the nanoscience community

    andras paszternak, editor
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