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  • hello ma'm,

    can u tell me....which instrument is available at nanoshel??how to apply for industrial training at nanoshel??

  • hiiiiiiiiiiii

    this nanoshel provide workshop & industrly training program (any related to nanotechnology) for UG student of Nanotechnology.

     please tell me

  • may i knw , wat all u marketing nu?
  • hii, i wana to u knw in which nanotech field u r wrking?
  • Dear preeti
    working in qatar,oil&gas ,want to know about your nanoparticle, as my area is also nano particle for polution control, pl mail me to
  • hii
    mail me to
  • Hello preeti ..... thanks
    But let me know that are you working on Biocompatible nanoparticles.
  • Hi the gift is for the nanoshel at nanocommunity
  • Respected Mam,

    I am Shivam Rastogi, recently graduated from Jaypee University of
    Information Technology, Wakhnaghat, Shimla , India in Electronics and
    Communication Engineering,
    I got through your research page where I have seen your interest
    that you are carrying out in the area of Nano Science
    I have done some research work at the time of my under graduation
    and published in different international publications which helps
    keeping me abreast with the latest technology up-gradation in

    MamI would be very grateful if you please guide me to pursue career
    for Research as further I am interested to pursue MS in Nano Science
    and Technology henceforth I request you to please throw some light on
    What are the opportunities do I have ?
    Mam Please mail me your contact details so that I can send you my Resume.
    With Regards,
    Shivam Rastogi
    contact details: +91-7206256759
  • hi
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