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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Physico-chemical properties of technological fibers, polymers, and composite/nanocomposite materials (e.g., modelling viscoelastic behaviour, study of fiber/matrix interfaces, recycling of plastic, optimization of formulations and processing of composites/nanocomposites).

Interest in...

1 - polymer nanocomposites with diffrerent nanophases including, magnetic nanofluids, nanofillers (e.g., nanoclays) and nanofibers (e.g., carbon nanotubes); 2 - viscoelastic behaviour 3 - modified laminates (for increased toughness/impact resistance); 4 - speciality polymers (toughening strategies); 5 - polymer recycling (e.g., plastic lumber products);

Publication list

1- N. Crainic, A. T. Marques, D. Bica, P. J. Nóvoa, L. Vekas and C. P. Moreira de Sá, “The use of nanomagnetic fluids and the magnetic field to enhance the production of composites by RTM-MNF”, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 418 (2004) 29/[757]–40/[768]; 2 - J. H. Landolt, P. H. Magalhães, P. R. Nóvoa, J. Viana and A. Torres Marques, “Low Velocity Impact of Thermosetting Composite Systems Modified with Rubber and Cork Powders”, Sci. Eng. Compos. Mater. 12 (2005) 103-107; 3 - Paulo J. R. O. Nóvoa, António J. M. Ferreira and António Torres Marques, “Mechanical Performance of Unsaturaded Polyester Resins Modified with Powder from Scrap Tyre Rubber”, Mater. Sci. Forum 514-516 (2006) 662-665; 4 - N. Crainic, Doina Bica, A. Torres Marques, N. C. Popa, P. J. Nóvoa, N. Correia, O. Marinica, C. P. Moreira de Sa, L. Vékás, “Magnetic nanocomposites obtained using high evaporation rate magnetic nanofluids”, Int. J. Nanomanuf., 1 (2007) 784-798; 5 - N. Crainic, D. Bica, N. C. Popa, L. Vékás, A. Torres Marques, P. J. Nóvoa, N. Correia, C. P. Moreira de Sa, “Magnetic nanocomposite materials obtained using magnetic nano fluids and resins”, Int. J. Nanomanuf., 6 (2010) 350-361;

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Composite Systems Group, FEUP/INEGI

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