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  • thanks alot Dr.Mohamed.... by the way i'm Mostafa Galal 4th year architectural dept. in alexandria university we met b4 at college and i wanted to learn from your great information about nano technology specially because i'm intending to do my graduation project in this field... green nano technology... so please if you dont mind tell me if it's possible to meet you at college or any other place
    thanks in advance professor
  • Thank you,
    I am glad to join with you. Though this is not on-topic, I am looking forward to visit your country. I have been dreaming about this all my life. The Piramids dazzle me much.
  • Thanks Prof. for you encourgement
  • thanks DR. Mohamed, you welcome
    and thanks about books
    I invite DR. Mostafa to join us
  • Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to contributing to nanouniversity...
  • welcome professor!Happy holidays :D
  • hi dr. Joaoi wish realizing nu how ? until now thit is virtual idea but ithink we need nu where ?
    now i realzed nanoarchitecture lab in AU architectural engineering department there are 2 master in na awarded,
    that is good to help for building NU and in postgraduate NA
  • Dear Dr. Mohamed great idea [NU project] and NA Master. Please let me know if I can help. BRegards JR
  • Thanks DR. Mohamed for your interest, Its v.good topices at contents of the book
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