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  • hi, how are u 

  • Hi Linda,

    I am visiting the BRC (Szeged) next week with some colleague and we will be giving a presention of about 15 - 20 minutes each, there will be three of us. I think this is scheduled for next Tuesday at the BRC at about 10:00. I am sure you would be welcome if you wish to come along. It is being organised by Professor Gyozo Garab, Head of the Biophysics group.

  • Én a miskolci nanotech kutatóintézettel tartott kapcs folytán kapcsolódom a NANO világá or melyik rejt több jövőt?

    További szép napokat, sok sikert munkádban.

  • Hello!

    Jéééé, magyarul írhatok.

    Mivel foglalkozol, mi a szakterületed?

    További szép napot!

  • Hi Linda,
    how u doing?i hope you are fine by the grace of God..Thanks for your cooperation..I will be requiring your help and suggestion as i carry on with my work..Hope i can be of any help to you if you ever need me...
    Take care,
    All the best for your work too,
  • Hi dear,
    I am nicely fine and just cool, staying back always! I've been long through with researching and just keep reviewing all of my theorems every now and then and get bored at times thinking of them because i need practice to develop or create something new or upgrade already existing ones, but my hands are tied behind because no labs, no Tech incubators etc. So gat to work hard for Mega bucks to trip out, maybe could come your way!
  • Hi Linda,

    I see you are from Szeged. Do you know the Biological Research Centre there. I have visited that Institute a number of times over many years and have a collaborative project with the bio-energetic group.

  • Hi Linda,
    In the Lab! Waow this has been my long lasting dream of making money so i can build and equip one for myself. I'll love to spend the rest of my life in there, i already have developed lots of theorems to experiment, and am sure even in a five life cycle i wont be able to round them up, will just leave behind for posterity. I hope you're doing fine, but am just jealous that in this part of my world the scientific laboratories are owned exclusively on instituitional and private profiteering basis who are really non commital and supportive to out of school beginners like myself.
    Happy be with!
  • Hey Miss,
    I also PhD student,working in nanobiotech area...since u r working in nanoparticles,i hope u cud help me in many ways..Dont mind i sound mean but trust me u can count on my frenship..I just joined today and really glad to have come across ur profile...
  • welcome to the nanoscience community
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