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Size controlled Nanoparticles & 3D mesoporous oxide supports in Surface Chemical Processes


Catalysis and other surface chemical processes in the 21st century targets 100% selectivity. Nanoparticles smaller than 10 nm posses much larger fractions of low coordination metal sites, which often dominate or even determine reactive chemistry.

3D mesoporous oxide supports with high surface area can tune catalytic performance via the ‘support effect’. This approach involves altering the choice of support (often a metal oxide) on which a metal catalyst is deposited in order to utilize a beneficial electronic or chemical interaction between catalyst and support. The interaction as well as the interface of the metal and support has been proven to have extremely favorable effects on catalytic performance.


CO2 activation and in-situ techniques


CO2 activation with H2 or CH4 are performed in flow reactors equppied with GC-FID-TCD-MS. Batch mode reactor is available for special reactions as well as 2D catalysts. Besides CO2 activation, ethanol decomposition, hydrosylilation etc. reactions are tested in both gas or liquid phase.

In-situ techniques such as DRIFTS, NAP-XPS as well as synchroton-based techniques (EXAFS, GISAXS) are used for molecular level understanding of the reactions for improving catalytic activity and selectivity.


Other surface chemistry and material science


We are open to other surface chemical processes e.g. sensorics, electrochemistry, fotochemistry and have ongoing projects about them. Also, we are experts of CNT as well as titanate nanostructures. Huge amount of synthesis method and characterziation methods as well as GC park are available for material science.

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I am an Assistant Professor at University of Szeged, Department of Applied and Environmental Chemistry. My research are focused on heterogeneous catalysis and surface science based on size controlled nanoparticles and 3 D transient-metal supports as well as understanding the reactions under reaction conditions. Working together with students is a blessing. They are smart.

I have a beautiful wife, Agi and awesome triplets (Marci, Barni and Panni) . If I am not working i like to do sports (kettlebell, karate, squash), meditate, watch movies.

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