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  • Yes your are absolutely correct about the symptoms of those tumors dubbed benign in the brain. Thanks and we will.
  • welcome jose,
  • GHello sir i m now onto my second year in B.E.
    the actual biotech studies start from this year
    thank you for giving a place in you
    my self Manjunath you can call me by any name which you think suits my personality
  • hello jose thanks for add
    Nitin Chawla
  • Thanks for the warning. I certainly won't be feeding our labrador (nor cat) Chinese food. It's odd though cos there are definitely tinned foods (which we don't use) that contain cooked onion, and our trainer sells hard-baked liver and garlic cake.

  • Hi dear Jose,

    Thank you for you add.
    All the best
    Gheorghiu Eleonora
  • This isn't nano, but a quite curious piece of research just published that explains how animals lack a sense of time

    I'm not sure I believe it entirely especially as they talk about dogs but the work was only done in rats.
  • Yeah, I knew about onions and grapes. But, presumably not cooked onion, because that's listed in the ingredients in some dog food? And, what about garlic? My dog-training school sells cooked liver and garlic bits as training treats... What about raisins and other dried grapes?
  • Hi, thanks for friending me. I tried to find something I'd written linking animals and nanotech, but the closest I got was a warning I wrote just before Xmas 2007 about dogs and chocolate. Any comments very welcome

    Don’t Poison Your Dog This Holiday
  • Dear Jose.

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