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  • hi Joan


    Narosa Publishing House is pleased to announce the release of

    Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

    M. A. Shah

    Tokeer Ahmad
  • Dear Joan,
    may I know your working research area?
  • Hii ,Ruhel Chisty ( MRACI-C.Chem A) .
    23 AA Kishan pole Udaipur –Raj , 313001
    INDIA , Fax :,+91294-2411992 ( attn Ruhel Chisty)
    Mobile =0091-9636919708 Tel: +91-294-2488521 (Home )
    Emails:, ,,
    Passport Number:-E-6884179 Validity date =28/09/2013
  • hii =Pl I am one of the reviewer in J . Schizophrenia Research ( www. from May 2007 . Pl I have two publications against Al-Qaida , one against LTTE =South Indian in ME=Gulf !? , few against Hindutava terror groups ,which came from real life in India !!?? Please recently = 15th April /March -2008 , my one paper=Abstract got selected in prime conference of royal society of chemistry = Analytical Research Forum 2008, Title: Ruhel New concept to anti -chemical terror by use of speed checker AND Chemical detective sensors to stop Al-Quaida attack at Saudi Aramco AND SABIC AND Other Petrochemicals companies in Gulf and whole world , = Two publications Against Bio chemical, Chemical terror =Weapon of mass destruction =WMD .
    ,Pl I am one of the reviewer in International Journal of Psychology and Counseling AND Journal Of Public Health And Epidemiology ( ) and from August 2009 .. pl I am Indian minority +OBCS=other backward class - scientist ! ,
    (1) New Dimension Against Terrorism: A New Sensor (Ruhel-Sensor) Three Different Sensor's Coupling CCD (CMOS) Sensor and Rodamass Sensor (Rode of Eye) - Coupled Olfactory Sensor-Olfactory-Enzymes Sensors Chisty R P,21 ( AE-1.P033),: IUPAC - CSC 2003 Scientific Program TUESDAY, AUGUST 12 , AE - Analytical/Environment – Poster Session Chair: TBA , RChisty ,39Th IUPAC Congress and 86th conference of the Canadian society of Chemistry Aug 10-15 ,2003 Ottawa ,Ontario ,Canada = Against Weapon of mass destruction =WMD .
    (2) I am not Indian . Ruhel date 11-02-2010
  • lots of love n wishes
  • Hello Joan, nice to know that you are also working in the same area, I am working as an Asst. professor,
    Do write to me whenever required any help in this work
  • hi dear u r looking nice .and ur profile pic is too good.
    that y u have a nice list of frends .
    tc byeeeeeee
  • Thank you for you efforts in organizing the discussion and the tour at Peking University, Joan. We had a great group with good questions. Looking forward to seeing you again soon...
  • hi
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