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  • hai hi , how r u?
  • Hi How are you?

    I have joined PhD in Karunya Universuty, Coimbatore
  • hii hw r u??
    mail me to
  • Most Welcome ! Be an active participant as well !!!!
  • hai I am coming to ICONSAT2010. I need some help .
  • hi how is ur work going on ?
  • It is nice to hear that a physics student doing work in nanomaterials and material science. You have great future ahead because you are doing multidisciplinary research areas. Keep going. Good luck for your studies

    Dr. Yuvaraj Haldorai
    Assistant Research professor
  • Pls check out the blog post of Nano Digest blog, it might be of some use to you.
  • I am glad you read... i ll send it to u soon.... i dont keep a chk on this community...send a mail to
  • Halllo Dr.Ranjana,
    Welcome to our community, i beleive this community will develop your skills more. What kind of materials are you working?
    I am working in GaN materials in south korea.
    Thanks & Regards
    Suthan Kissinger
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