Chennai, Tamil Nadu


June 3

I am...

Biologist, Doctor

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology


Interest in...

Virus nanopaticles and development of diagnosis tool

Publication list

1. S. Chandirasekar, G. Dharanivasan, J. Kasthuri, K. Kathiravan and N. Rajendiran.(2011). Facile Synthesis of Bile Salt Encapsulated Gold Nanoparticles and Its Use in Colorimetric Detection of DNA. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115 (31), 15266–15273. 2. S.U.Mohammed Riyaz, S.Deepan, G.Dharanivasan, D.Michael Immanuel Jesse and K.Kathiravan. (2013). First report on variant of Squash leaf curl China virus infecting Benincasa hispida in India. BSPP New Disease Reports, 28:20. doi:10.5197/j.2044-0588.2013.028.020. 3. G. Dharanivasan, T. Rajamuthuramalingam, D. Michael Immanuel Jesse, N. Rajendiran and K. Kathiravan. (2014). Gold Nanoparticles Assisted Characterization of Amine Functionalized Polystyrene Multiwell Plate and Glass Slide Surfaces. Journal of Applied Nanoscience. 5 (1), 39–50 4. G. Dharanivasan, D. Michael Immanuel Jesse, S. Chandirasekar, N. Rajendiran, K. Kathiravan. (2014). Label Free Fluorometric Characterization of DNA Interaction with Cholate Capped Gold Nanoparticles Using Ethidium Bromide as a Fluorescent Probe. Journal of Fluorescence, 24(5), 1397-1406. 5. T. Raja Muthuramalingam, S. U. Mohammed Riyaz, G. Dharanivasan, D. Michael Immanuel Jesse and K. Kathiravan. (2014). Effective ex-situ conservation of endangered species Beloperone plumbaginifolia nees: a medicinal plant. International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences, 4 (2), 97-102. 6. D. Michael Immanuel Jesse, S. U. Mohammed Riyaz, T. Raja Muthuramalingam, G. Dharanivasan and K. Kathiravan. (2014). A computational approach to predict the regulation of antioxidant enzyme, catalase in the plant defence mechanism. International Journal of Computer Applications, 107(3), 30-37. 7. S.U.Mohammed Riyaz, S.Deepan, D.Michael Immanuel Jesse, G.Dharanivasan, and K.Kathiravan. (2015). New record of bipartite Squash leaf curl China virus (SLCCNV)and Croton yellow vein mosaic beta satellite associated with yellow vein disease of ash gourd in India. BSPP New Disease Reports, 8. T. Raja Muthuramalingam, S. Chandirasekar, G. Dharanivasan, D. Nallusamy, N.Rajendiran and K. Kathiravan. (2015). Bioactive bile salt-capped silver nanoparticles activity against destructive plant pathogenic fungi through in-vitro system. RSC Advance,5, 71174-71182. 9. D. Michael Immanuel Jesse, R. Sukanya, D. Nallusamy, T. Raja Muthuramalingam,S.U.Mohammed Riyaz, G. Dharanivasan and K. Kathiravan. (2015). Preparation,characterization and application of antibody-conjugated magnetic nanoparticles in the purification of begomovirus. RSC Advance, 5, 99820-99831. 10. G. Dharanivasan, S. U. Mohammed Riyaz, D. Michael Immanuel Jesse, T. Raja Muthuramalingam, G. Rajendran and K. Kathiravan. (2016). DNA templated self-assembly of gold nanoparticle clusters in the colorimetric detection of plant viral DNA using a gold nanoparticle conjugated bifunctional oligonucleotide probe. RSC Advance,DOI: 10.1039/c5ra25559g.

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