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November 13

I am...

Chemist, Physicist, Engineer, Doctor, Student, User of nanotechnology products

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

 Working in sol - gel Ceramic based non stick coatings  All Water based and solvent based coatings  Architectural and industrial coatings - Anti bacterial ceramic coating - Nano technology based sol gel protective coating for stainless steel - Nano technology based sol gel Anti fingerprint coatings - Nano technology based sol gel easy clean coaings - Nano technology based sol gel coating for plastics, glass, composites and all substrates - Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for all kind of surfaces - Nano technology based sol gel UV and IR reflective coatings - Nano technology based sol gel coatings for dust free, hydrophobic, oleophobic and easy clean, breathable for concrete and marble like surfaces. - Nano technology based Heat insulation coatings for architectural and vehicles to minimize power consumption - Heat resistance coatings for mufflers - Sol gel based ceramic coatings for cooking pans and all - Hybrid ceramic coatings for multipurpose applications - oil and water repellent coating for textiles carbon ceramic foams for high temperature application sol-gel synthesis

Interest in...

nano maeterials, nano coatings, composites, oxide/non-oxide powder synthesis, porous carbon, nanoporous carbon and ceramics, fibers

Publication list

Publications in journals 1. Development of carbon foam from phenolic resin via template route, Satish M. Manocha, Kalpesh Patel and L.M. Manocha, Ind. J. Eng and Mat Sci, Vol. 17, pp.338-342, 2010 2. Activated carbon from waste biomass of Psyllium husk:Effect of steam activation of surface characteristics, Satish M. Manocha, Ajay Chavda, Paramvirsinh Punvar and Kalpesh Patel, Prajna – Journal of pure and applied sciences, Vol. 18, pp. 88-93, 2010 3. Development of reticulated carbon foam: An attractive material, Satish M. Manocha and Kalpesh Patel, Prajna – Journal of pure and applied sciences, Vol. 18, pp. 98-101, 2010 Paper presented in national and international Conference 1. Development of Phenolic Resin Derived Carbon Foam Via Template Route, First Asian Carbon Conference (FACC), New Delhi, 25 -27 November 2009” (Poster presentation) 2. Characterization of phenolic resin derived carbon foam via template route, Theme symposium on Advanced Ceramic Materials – Monoliths to Composites, 9-10 Feb, 2010 (Poster presentation) 3. Porous silica foam with ordered meso/macrostructure using template method, ISACCNM-2011, 17-18 Feb, 2011 (Poster presentation) 4. Carbon-ceramic foam, Satish Manocha, International workshop and symposium on the synthesis and characterization of Glass/Glass Ceramic, 7-10 July, 2010, C-MET, Pune. (Oral presentation) 5. Nanoporosity and Microporosity: Use in separation and purification technique. Satish Manocha, NSST, 5 Feb, 2011. (Oral presentation) 6. Nano and Macroporous carbon and ceramics for separation and purification, Satish Manocha, International symposium on advanced ceramics, composites and nanostructured materials, 17-18 Feb, 2011. (Oral presentation) 7. Biomass Derived Carbon foam Carbon Materials – 2012, 1 -3 Nov, 2012, BARC Mumbai. (Poster presentation) Oral paper presentation at state level conferences: 1. Preparation of carbon foams and its surface functionalization using nitric acid, XXV GSC 2011, Theme: Chemistry in the service of society, 26-27 Feb, 2011 2. Permeability studies on porous materials, Innovations in science-SPU research scholar meet (ISSPURSM-2012), 8-9 January 2012 3. Functionalization of carbon foam for high for high end applications, XXVI GSC 2012, Theme: Climate, water and environment: science for sustaining our future, Feb. 26, 2012

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

GMM development limited, Dept. of Materials Science, SP University, V.V. Nagar, Gugarat, INDIA

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