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    Tokeer Ahmad
  • dear prof/reseracher, Its prashant kumar, submitting my ph.d thesis on non-lithographic techniques of surface nanostructuring in december 2008 at university of hyderabad. I have experience of thin film coating, synthesis of nanowires, nanodots and characterization by AFM, SEM, VSM, PL spectra, MR measurements, surface plasmons etc and I seek post-doctoral post and for that I require your help, plz. convey to me if you find anything interesting. or else plz. advise how to get into the groove.I can work towards materials science, engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical applications of nanoparticles, memory application of nanodots etc or any industrial applications of nanoparticles, nanodots or nanowires.
  • what is your opinion about color without Dye in Fabrics?
  • Dear Mr. Carfagna,
    What's some special fabric structure's action in fuel cells ?
    Best regards,
    Hassan salimi
  • Functional textiles represent new frontier in textile technology. By chemical modification of conventional fibers new functions can be guaranteed by the material. In particular two aspects have been considered by my group : the first is relative to the production of cosmetotextiles by means of the inclusion of nanocarriers containing some specific chemicals; the second aspect regards thermoregulating textiles and leathers, by means of the inclusion of phase change materials into the product
  • Dear Mr. Carfagna,
    Can you give us a brief introduction about your functional textile ?
    Best regards,
    Charlie Chow
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