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  • hello professor

    do you really help new researchers in nanotechnology?

    what you offer them to help?
  • Respected sir,
    i am planning to develop the production of activated carbon industry. because we have a lot of coconut shells in and around my area. so i am planning to prepare activated carbon from coconut shell. if you have any ideas and suggestion reply.
    i am interested in the filed of electronics. if you have any opportunities related to nanoelectronics in your companies inform.
  • Dear
    In Iran carpet have a good market.
    I can only help you in study programs now.
    I have some ideas about dying process and other finishing procedures.
    thanks for you.
    H. Salimi
  • Dera Charlie Chow,

    Thanks for accepting me as a friend.
  • Dear Dr.Chow,

    I would like to inform you that we have patented technology that allow for mass production of biofunctionalized surfaces. It involves simple spraying of the surface with a solution of the biomolecule(s) of interest and subsequent UV illumination and washing off of unreacted material.

    Should Nano Group Holding be interested in discussing this technology, please contact me at
  • dear prof/reseracher, Its prashant kumar, submitting my ph.d thesis on non-lithographic techniques of surface nanostructuring in december 2008 at university of hyderabad. I have experience of thin film coating, synthesis of nanowires, nanodots and characterization by AFM, SEM, VSM, PL spectra, MR measurements, surface plasmons etc and I seek post-doctoral post and for that I require your help, plz. convey to me if you find anything interesting. or else plz. advise how to get into the groove.I can work towards materials science, engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical applications of nanoparticles, memory application of nanodots etc or any industrial applications of nanoparticles, nanodots or nanowires.
  • Dear Professor
    The website will be ready in a week or so, but u can visit very well private email is
  • Thanks for email address.
  • Hello Mr. Charlie
    Glad to see your friend request
    i am working on Biological synthesis of nanoparticles in plants and microbes.
    My future plan is to utilize medicinal plants in the formation of nanoparticles that can be used in making more ecofriendly nanomedicines.
    I want to know from you Can u help me?
    i want a training program in nanomedicine field
  • Mr.Charlie ...

    I'm happy to accept your friend request.I'm Student for material science engineering From university of Moratuwa in Srilanka.

    Actually i don't have sound knowdlge about Nano Science and engineering.but i have plenty of interest in Nano technology..

    good luck

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