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  • Please check out the blog post on Nano Digest, it might be of some help to you as well as for Nano Digest.
  • hi i am tharmaraj Research scholar from Madurai Kamaraj University i have sent friend request accept in friend. bye take care.
  • thank u Angelin for invitation

    Have a nice day (^-^)
  • isha inga qatarla oru big oil&gas co work panren.
    busy , sorry, late contact.
    pesalam id thanga
  • dear angelin ....
    how are you....
  • thnx for reply.... my research going on good way...............
  • sorry for not recogonizing you immediatley....I am very happy to hear abt your interest in doing higher studies......I am ready to help.....dont worry...mail me in will give more details...Alll the best
  • Namaskaram,
    Nalama? nano particle-pollution patti panren, qatar work is my own.
    ungala pathi soolunga.
  • Hi, is this a photo of your child? She's cute!
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