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  • Hi everyone Thanks for joining this group. Would be great if we could all write what systems, substrates and surfactant type we are using

    My substrate is Gold (10, 30 and 100nm). I use azobenzene based surfactants with both alkyl and glycol backbones and I have used both disulphide's and thiols as anchor groups...
  • hi, I am working with SAMs using gold nanoparticles.
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How do you clean your Gold Substrate (or other metal) and glassware before making your SAM?

It has come to my attention that people I know use different methods to clean their Gold substrates and glassware. ...Question is how do you clean yours...?Au cleaning1. immerse Au in COLD and FRESH PIRAHNA (in ice bath) for 10mins2. remove and dip in FRESH Ultra High Quality Water in a clean vialthen without letting the Au surface dry...3.wash with copious amounts of UHQ (APPROX 50-100ML)4.wash with copious amounts of HPLC EtOH (APPROX 50-100ML)5. Repeat 3 and 46. Immerse in SAM…

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