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    Nakaa Nanotechnology Network NNN
    Nakaa Nanotechnology Network NNN. 8.1K likes. The Official Facebook Page of NNN Website www.nakaanetwork.webs.com Youtube http://www.youtube.com/…
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  • Wesam Ahmed Tawfik: هذا هو مشروع خاص أو مشروع له علاقة لجامعة؟

  • ترغب مجموعة شبكات نقاء العلمية و مؤسسة علماء الغد في التعاون مع اي جهة بحثية او علمية او اكادمية او جامعية او خاصة او غيرهم في التعاون مع أحد كليات العلوم او التقنية او أي نشاط طلابي بهم أو جمعية
    علمية بهم في أي جامعة من الجامعات المصرية حكومية كانت أم خاصة أو بالتعاون مع أي مركز أو معهد بحثي أو أي مؤسسة بحثية أو أكادميةفي أي
    من المحافظات الأتية: القاهرة - الجيزة في اقامة ورشة عمل نظري لمدة يوم واحد عن النانوتكنولجي بأجر رمزي 40 جنيه للطلبة 60 جنيه الخرجيين نظير الحصول على شهادة حضور للطلبة و الخرجيين معتمدة من شبكات نقاء العلمية و مؤسسة علماء الغد
    فعلى الراغبيين في التعاون معنا من الجهات المذكورة سابقا أو أي جهة علمية أخرى الأتصال بنا لمزيد من المعلومات:
    موبيل: 01115831621

  • American Scientific Publishers (ASP) - LAUNCHES NEW JOURNAL “ADVANCED CARBON”

    ASP has recently launched its new journal called “Advanced Carbon” which is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary international journal publishing original and high-quality articles, short communications, critical reviews, case studies etc, covering a wide range of topics in carbon related science and engineering.

    Authors can get the submission guidelines and submit their manuscript at http://www.aspbs.com/ac.htm

    No publication fees.

    The authors will be informed on the decision within four (4) weeks after submission, and following acceptance, the article will be published in the journal’s next issue.

    Impact factor of this journal is awaited.

    Looking forward to your submission.

    Editorial Team

  • http://www.nanopaprika.eu/events/icnbs-egypt-2013-international-con...

    ICNBS Egypt 2013 International conference
    Welcome all,   iSeS Egypt Company in cooperation with Nakaa Nanotechnology Network are organizing the international Conference:   “Nanotechnology, Bi…
  • Welcome all,


    iSeS Egypt Company in cooperation with Nakaa Nanotechnology Network are organizing the international Conference:


    “Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Spectroscopy: tools of success in the coming Era”


    25 -27 October 2013 in Cairo, Egypt


    The conference will take place over 3 days, and will be divided into sections that allow focusing on the conference topics.


    Call for Oral and Poster Session Abstracts


    The Conference will consist of invited oral presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations selected from abstracts. We are now accepting applications for oral and poster presentations.


    Authors will be notified of the selection results. Submissions for presentations should include an abstract of no more than 350 words


    Written in Times new roman size 12


    It must Include its:


    Category name




    Author name








    and all written in bold 14 Times new roman.


    Poster instructions:


    Poster must be 1m length x 0.5m width


    On your posters, please include:




    Authors – denote presenting author with *


    A reception to view and discuss posters will be held during the first day of the conference.


    Abstracts should support one of the topics listed below:


    • Nanotechnology and its applications:


    1. Medicine


    2. Pharmacy


    3. Dentistry


    4. Biotechnology


    5. Diagnosis and imaging


    6. Cancer therapy


    7. Microbiology


    8. Water treatment


    9. Agriculture


    10. Nanophysics


    11. Nanochemistry


    12. Engineering (Mechanics, Electronics, Architecture,…etc) and industry


    13. Nanoinformatics


    14. Nanotoxicology


    15. Radiology and Radiotherapy


    • Biotechnology and its applications:


    15. Medicine


    16. Pharmacy


    17. Stem Cells trails


    18. Diagnosis and imaging


    19. Cancer therapy


    20. Microbiology


    21. Water treatment


    22. Agriculture and food industry


    23. Veterinary Medicine and Marine sciences


    24. Bioinformatics


    • Spectroscopy and its applications:


    25. Medicine


    26. Pharmacy


    27. Dentistry


    28. Biotechnology


    29. Diagnosis and imaging


    30. Cancer therapy


    31. Microbiology


    32. Water treatment


    33. Agriculture


    34. Engineering (Mechanics, Electronics, Architecture,…etc)


    35. Nanotechnology


    36. Materials Science


    37. industry


    Deadline to send abstracts to nakaa.nanotechnology.network@gmail.com is 30 August 2013




    • Registration Fees


    Please vist the conference websites for more details: 




    Best Regards



    Nakaa Nanotechnology Network NNN


    website: www.nakaanetwork.webs.com


    Mobile: 01115831621

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Definitions at 21st century :nanoarchitecture , nanocity , nanouniversity

we need definitions for :nanoarchitecture,nanocity,nanouniversity,in 21st century , the high advanced technology age and there are more technology methods in the futureas nanotechnology , communications , transportaion ,networks , electronics ,....society in 21st century change ,it is global society ,more enteraction with suroundings-->digital ,information society --> --->knowledge society ;virtual society,the socity of 21st century not as the society of 20st century,in the future architecture…

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