This group welcomes all having interests in nanotechnology and photonics integration, the people who are interested in photonics applications of nanostructures and thus providing an all-optical integration platform for nanostructures.
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    I want to synthesis colloidal photonic crystals with tunable band gap so that it could be used for the optical applications. so if any body have been working on the relevant topics then please do cooperate with me.
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    Welcome All !

    I have been working on micromachining of glass materials, thin films by femtosecond lasers. Ours' laser is a high repetition rate femtoseocnd laser oscillator, that is probably only of its kind modern laser available in India for the moment. I have successfully written microstructures in glasses and metal films and also demonstrated waveguiding in such structures.

    All are most welcome to share information on photonic and nanotechnology. I will be interested to know more from persons who are working on fabrication of thin films of any kind that will be transparent in nature for optics applications.
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    Really interesting stuff. I'm also recently fascinated in this field.
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    thanks for the creating of this group, waiting for informations connected to Nanotechnology & Photonics
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