Amphiphilic dendrimer loaded Prussian blue nanoparticle for the detection of hydrogen peroxide

Iqbal Pakrudheen1, Ayyappa Bathinapatla2 and Eagambaram Murugan*3

1, 2 Department of Chemistry, CMR Institute of Technology, Bengaluru – 560037, Karnataka, India
3 Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Madras, Chennai-600025, Tamilnadu, India

New amphiphilic poly(propylene imine) dendrimer (APPI(G3)) stabilized Prussian blue nanoparticle (APPI(G3)-EH-PBNPs) catalyst was synthesized by a simple procedure and its utility for application such as sensing of H2O2 through newly fabricated GC-APPI(G3)-EH-PBNPs electrode. The structure of newly synthesized template viz., APPI(G3) was confirmed by FT-IR, NMR and MALDI-TOF spectroscopy. The
stabilization of PBPs on APPI(G3) template was characterized with Cyclic voltammetry and FESEM analyses. The resulting APPI(G3)-EH-PBNPs catalysts were characterized with cyclic voltammetry and FESEM analyses. The resulting APPI(G3)-EH-PBNPs was used to fabricate the GC modified electrode via coating without using enzyme and thus produced GC- APPI(G3)-EH-PBNPs on inspection this modified electrode is able to detect H2O2 in the limit of 60 M in neutral pH.



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